First agri-flori exhibition to promote agricultural productivity in the region

The agriculture sector drives the country’s socio-economic development and is the single most important determinant of economic growth and poverty reduction.

Reaching the goal of food self-sufficiency and overall food security in the country is a top concern of the Ministry of Agri-culture and Forests.

The introduction of new and high-tech plant, machineries & tools is a way to improve farming methods and agricultural productivity. This is where the Agri-Flori Expo 2014 comes into picture. Such an exhibition provides the exposure for farmers and those involved in sustainable agricultural field with the right knowledge and information.

The first-ever Agri-Flori Expo 2014 saw a total of 37 ex-hibitors from India, Nepal and Bhutan displaying their prod-ucts in their respective stall.

The Agriculture Minister, Yeshey Dorji, said that the expo would augment the govern-ment’s effort towards enhancing agricultural productivity, attaining food security of the country.

Lyonpo said the exhibition is well in sync with the goals and objectives of the ministry and is a testimony of Bhutan’s commitment in making agri-flori a viable business options, not only for Bhutan, but also in the neighboring countries.

He said the expo endeavors to create a platform for show-casing of agro-based products, technology and business link-ages to expose the general visitors to innovative ideas in agricultural activities.

The Agri-Flori Expo 2014 recognizes renewable natural resource as an important sector with economic, social, environmental and cultural responsibilities, realizing the important roles of the RNR sector in poverty alleviation and enhancing the food self-sufficiency.

“Government has accorded a high priority towards trans-forming subsistence agriculture system to a market driven and semi-commercial agriculture” Lyonpo said.

Towards the steps in trans-forming agricultural practices in Bhutan, Lyonpo shared that a key initiative taken by the ministry is involvement of the investors in private sector to also invest in the RNR sector.

Therefore Lyonpo said that the ministry is optimistic such an expo will engage the agencies and stakeholders toward under-standing the market dynamics of agricultural products in the region and the world at large.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests said the Agri-Flori Expo is a common forum for all relevant stakeholders to ex-change experiences and also to showcase their technologies and the event would be taken up at regional levels in the future if the experience of the expo garners greater benefits.

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