First economic census launched

“Be it for surgery or in order to prescribe medicine, medical practitioners look for evidence in the patient. Similarly, in our eight months of governance, in the proposals that come to us, and decisions we are required to make, we have to base it on evidence. Almost everyday, if not hourly, in the works we do, we ask- what is the evidence? Why the proposal and how do we go about? What do we base it on?” asked Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering.

The PM while launching the first Economic Census of Bhutan report on 8th July said the book might not have all the answers, but this is definitely one of them.

He said some of the economic realities the document presents are revealing as well as worrying.

“The document looks professional but we have to know that this is just a body,” he said. “We have to give soul to it. We have to make use of the findings and analyse further.”

The National Statistics Bureau (NSB) conducted the census, with financial and technical support of the World Bank.

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