First environmental fair and research symposium in Bhutan

The first of its kind event, the annual environmental fair and research symposium, organized by Bhutan Ecological Society (BES) will be held at the Clock Tower Square, Thimphu tomorrow.

The event will offer a platform for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and students to share their environmental conservation knowledge and experiences with each other and the general public as well.

During the event, the participants will compete on the ongoing or completed research or projects, make analysis on conversation issues through presentations and poster exhibitions that are abstracts of research presentations, poster exhibitions on focus areas like, sustainable livelihoods, waste management, energy resources, biodiversity conservation, water resources, climate change, and agricultural science.

A small information booth will display the environmental conservation initiatives un dertaken by Druk Green Power Corporation, the importance of well preserved and maintained river catchment areas for sustainable electricity production, improper waste management causing operational and maintenance challenges in hydropower plants, and importance of sustainable hydropower development and management for common welfare of the Bhutanese.

The information will be disseminated through the distribution of pamphlets, display of posters, screening short video shorts, and organizing quiz competitions.

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