First NA by-election

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) has said that the same procedures as the National Assembly (NA) general elections will be employed for the first by-election of the National Assembly in Nanong-Shumar constituency.

ECB announced in early October 2013 as the start of the election process with a Royal Decree from His Majesty.  The Poll Day will be held in early November.

“The same ROs and officials as the general elections will be employed, unless inconvenienced,” said chief election officer, Phub Dorji. “Public debates shall be conducted in collaboration with BBS TV as before.”

The by-election was slated to a later date considering factors like travel convenience, agricultural season in the constituency, and campaigning time for the candidates. The resumption of departmental duties by the election officials after recent electoral duties were also considered, said officials.

The blackout period, 24 hours before Poll Day will be observed and the guidelines on alcohol restriction, weapon handling, etc., will remain the same.

The by-election is being held to replace the former PM, DPT’s Jigmi Y Thinley whose resignation was accepted by the NA Speaker on August 10.

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