First Sitting of 4th Parliament elects Speaker and Deputy Speaker

The First Sitting of the Fourth National Assembly of Bhutan convened on 25 January 2024 in the Parliament Hall.

The Members of the National Assembly, assembled in the Grand Hall, where they paid homage to the Golden Throne before taking their designated seats.

The proceedings commenced with the welcome address and the reading of the Royal Kasho by the Secretary General. Subsequently, the newly elected Members of National Assembly underwent a ceremonial change of Kabney/Rachu, donning Gentags and Patangs to symbolize their official roles as Members of Parliament.

After the Zhugdrel Phuensum Tshogpai ceremony, under the solemn supervision of the Chief Justice of Bhutan, the Members took the Oath or Affirmation of Office in accordance with the Third Schedule of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Following the administration of the oath, the Members exercised their constitutional duty by signing and affirming the Oath or Affirmation of Office. The commitment to uphold the principles outlined in the Constitution resonated through the halls of the National Assembly.

In a subsequent pivotal move, the Members exercised their democratic right to elect the leadership of the National Assembly and the Parliament of Bhutan. Hon’ble Lungten Dorji, from Panbang constituency, Zhemgang was elected as the Speaker with 46 Yes and 1 No votes while Hon’ble Sangay Khandu, from Tashicholing Constituency, Samtse was elected as the Deputy Speaker with 40 Yes and 7 No votes out of total of 47 members present and voting.

The First Sitting of the Fourth National Assembly sets the stage for robust parliamentary engagements and the pursuit of the collective welfare of the people of Bhutan. The elected leadership, along with all Members, is poised to steer the nation towards progress and prosperity.

The Member-Elects submitted their Certificates of Election to the Secretary General in the morning.

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