Five candidates of Trashigang offer many solutions

Gongsar Karma Choppel holds A Master’s Degree in Science from Texas State University, USA and he has served as the chief environment officer and as a chief environment officer for PHPA.

He pledged to serve the country with outmost loyalty and dedication, to safeguard the sanctity of the Constitution, and work towards achieving the vision of the His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo and prioritize youth related issues.  

He promised to advocate multi-pronged interventions to address growing social inequities, be an effective liaison between the people and the government to address critical issues according to the government’s plans and policies and to underpin the facilitation of transparency and accountability of developmental activities are his other pledges. 

Sonam Tobgyel has served in the media for more than 20 years and has B.A Honours in Arts from Sherubtse College affiliated with the Delhi University. He asserts that alleviating poverty, creating income-generating opportunities in the countryside and improving village life are crucial for enhancing rural wellbeing and encouraging people to continue living in the village.

He also pointed out Human-Wildlife Conflict, Farm Labor Shortage, Rural Urban Migration, Water shortage and Balanced Regional Development to be some of the pertaining issues.

Thereby, if he gets elected, he pledges to advocate equitable distribution of national resources through balanced and reasonable budgetary allocation, and review laws to enable farmers defend sustainable crops from damages inflicted by wild animals.

He would also advocate increase in the national daily wage rate, advocate and support policies for promoting community and eco-tourism in eastern Bhutan, review gewog-level development activities and review the policy issue related to allocation of timber in the urban and rural bucket.

Jakar Dorji pledges to enact new laws and carry out review procedure by safeguarding the sanctity of the Constitution, provide assistance in carrying out socio-economic development activities and reviewing and enacting rules and regulations related to agriculture sector.

He further pledges to address youth related issues, advocate multi-pronged interventions to address growing social inequalities, enact and review Tenancy Act 2015, be responsive to citizens needs and examine the necessity of any law and propose new laws.

He has Master’s in Business Administration from University of Canberra, Australia and served in Civil Service and Corporation for 18 years.

Galay Tenzin holds Masters in Project Planning and Management from University of Bradford, United Kingdom and Bachelor of Agriculture Science. He has served as dzongkhag agriculture officer, consultant, implemented commercial vegetable value chain development project, GM for Bhutan Agro Industries Limited.

As like any other candidates, he pledges to review and draw up guidelines to make concrete drainage systems, cause-ways and culverts as mandatory features of farm roads. Also, initiate establishment of Standard Operating Procedures for maintenance of all-weather farm roads.

Review and suggest lasting policies of easy access to rural housing loans, to strengthen the existing national policy of food self-sufficiency and review, initiate and formulate modus operandi to make rural society into a more vibrant, ever thriving & always flourishing entity, he further pledged.

Sangay Tenzin pledges to safeguard the sanctity of the constitution, advocate multi-pronged interventions to address growing social inequalities, focus on youth related issues and request the government to examine the necessity of any law and propose new laws.

He also pledges to call the attention of ministries and other relevant stakeholders on any matter and provide assistance in carrying out socio-economic development activities.  He has Bachelor in Public Health Sciences and Administration from Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan. He served under Ministry of Health for 20 years.

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