Five year old dies in accident, case reaches the halls of justice after one month

The case of the five year-old girl, who was run over by a DCM truck in Changbangdu in Thimphu on the afternoon of 7 October, has reached the Thimphu district court almost after a month.

The case was forwarded to the court on 22 October after the Thimphu traffic police completed investigation. The charges levied on the driver have not been revealed by the traffic police.


Case history

On an unfortunate afternoon of 7 October, the DCM truck was said to be delivering the goods at the area where the girl was hit and run-over.

Sources told The Bhutanese that when the driver was trying to make a turn the deceased was running toward the DCM. The vehicle had hit the victim on the arm and had she had fallen down. After which the DCM had run over the head spilling the brain out of the head.

“The victim had struggled before she succumbed to death on the spot,” a source said.

The DCM driver is 33 years old and is married with a child. The parents of the victim own a meat shop in Changbangdu and the deceased is the only daughter of the parents.



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