Focus on improving quality construction: PM

The Prime Minister gave a clear warning to contractors of the north east-west highway a few weeks ago to do a good quality job or forego similar future jobs.

The PM said that the government was open to applying similar standards in other construction projects for ensuring good quality construction in Bhutan.

“We would like to use the lessons and the successes we enjoyed from this very important project which involves around 3 dozen contractors to other parts of the construction sector.”

He said it will require talking and involving the Construction Development board for regulation, Ministry of Finance for the procurement procedures and then all the line ministries and agencies.

“I think if we work together we can come up with quality construction. It is important that what we build is of highest possible construction because the people are paying for it and the contractors are making their money out of it, so it’s their job to deliver quality.”

He said good quality construction was important as roads, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure were being built by contractors.

At the same time he said construction is a very complicated industry in Bhutan. He said the government has to go out of their way and work with all stake holders, including the contractors and be willing to work with them to get the job done right.

In the meantime the PM said that on his request the contractors they have agreed to extend the liability period from 1 year to 3 years on the north-east west. If there are defects on the road within the 3 years then the contractors are liable for the repair works.

He said the government has ensured that it will provide everything to deliver a quality job on the construction of the north east-west highway.

The PM said “I am confident that as long as we do our part which is to provide finances on time and to provide technical backstopping on time, the high way will complete in time and all the specifications can be met.”

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