“For something that occurred at the spur of the moment, the tag of a ‘criminal’ is a little too heavy to digest…”

Jigme Tshultim
Jigme Tshultim

Question and Answer with DPT’s disqualified candidate Jigme Tshultim from Radhi-Sakteng


Q1. Now that the ECB has officially disqualified you on the grounds of your Security Clearance Certificate (SCC) what will your next move be?


A1. Sometimes our government machinery works in mysterious ways, so I am sure, there will not be enough time to complete the reapplication process. Nor will the ECB reconsider. As far as I’m concerned, I have always been a DPT member and always will be. My connection with the party goes all the way back to its very inception, when I helped establish the youth wing of the party. So, as a loyal member of the DPT, I will continue to render my services to the party in every which way I can.


Q2.  Kinzang Choden was filed in as a backup candidate as per the ECB website list. Is she going to replace you or is there someone else? If it is Kinzang can you tell us something about her?


A2. To be honest, I know nothing about any such arrangement. But, I have reason to believe Jigme Wangchuk (originally of Druk Chirwang Tshogpa) might replace me. I will fully support anybody the party may field in my place. Having said that, both Jigme and Kinzang are extremely capable and competent, and I wish them all the luck.


Q3. It is believed that you did submit

a SCC valid till August 2013, but the ECB official found that your SCC had been rejected on June 3, 2013. Can you please clarify? 


A3. I did submit a security clearance that I obtained from the RBP in August 2012, the validity of which is 12 months. I did not know it had been revoked so suddenly until the RO (Returning Officer) informed me. Apparently it states that I had reapplied on June 3 although, strangely enough, I was travelling at the time to Bumthang en-route to a meeting here in Thimphu, and I had no reason to reapply for clearance. No matter what, I hope the RBP will conduct an inquiry into the matter of who impersonated me. The very act of falsely impersonating me is a crime itself.


Q4. You have said that someone else had applied for your SCC. Who do you suspect and why?


A4.  All I can say is that it wasn’t me who had reapplied for the SCC on June 3. Like I said earlier, I was travelling on that particular day.


Q5.  If you are out of politics what will your next career move be?


A5.  Well, there are so many development plans in the pipeline. I hope the party will involve me in the task of seeing these plans come to fruition. Also, I would truly like to work in close proximity with the people of my constituency by starting a dairy farm in my village.


Q6. Could you elaborate on the Paro case that led to your disqualification?


A6.  It was an unfortunate incident. A night out with friends turned into a bar brawl, after I was provoked and sadly, what happened before the signing of the Constitution, it seems, will criminalize me for the rest of my life. For something that occurred at the spur of the moment, the tag of a ‘criminal’ is a little too heavy to digest, especially when the person I had a scuffle with has a past record with the police for fights and possession of firearms.

It saddens me to know that a person, once convicted, cannot find a way back into the mainstream. Here, I feel that many of our existing laws need to be relooked, not because it criminalizes a person, but because it is being interpreted in various ways by various institutions.

I cannot help, but relate to a line from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that I studied in school, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”



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  1. this man is a born criminal & a thug. this man & his brother beat a police officer senseless & the officer is still recovering from the trauma. a criminal son is a criminal by blood but in this man case he will be watched by other criminal. how dare he quote Shakespeare when he has done nothing good bu terrorize the meek & the innocent becoz he could rely on his father to protect him. JYT please put life ban this man from DPT. if not DPT will be infested with thugs like him.

    • Mind you, when u r pointinf one finger at others, your are pointing three at yourself. Its people like yourself who instigate others. Well! I am from mongar and i was very much there when this arrogant police officer was beaten up and we think that he deserved that! Well! As for shakespere’s quote it neither belongs to you nor does it belong to your father  that you prohibit .. 

    • DPT new he is guaranteed to win from his constituency,,  therefore didnt want to care what kind of person he was,,,,    although they knew he was a thug,,,,    this shows that DPT is just worried about winning the election, they just dont care about the nation and the people,,,,,     this guy was the most pathetic speaker among all the candidates of all 4 parties in the live forum during the primary rounds,,,,  if DPT were genuinely worried about serving the nation,  will they not look for a worthy candidate capable of winning and delivering,,    he was only capable of winning because of his father’s influence but how will he deliver,,,  absolutely not judging by the way he presented himself in the debate,,,,,,

      • Well! Atleast this guy had the guts and nerves to speak in front of the entire nation. What you doing behind the computer and bragging like a spoilt kid. If you have the nerves, go out there, talk to ur ppl in thr village , do something.. U will be quite surprised what kind beautiful nature this person has under that tough look. I am from phongmey And my family has all the good words for this man.

    • how long r u going to hate people and that too without knowing anything about  that people????just coz he or she is political opponent u gonna hate???????????????

  2. see, there are dozen  epople like this in DPT, what JYT is thinking off. we just want many more people like this , who can corrupted people. Their sons n daughter r in heaven becoz of them. we r in hell

  3. dorjee…u need two hands to clap!!! so one can’t criminalize someone without knowing anything….the larger question is, someone had brawl in the bar and, criminalize for life time is something which one should ponder and see whether that is something we want or not….while in youthful days, intentionally or unintentionally under different circumstances, things goes wrong but that doesn’t mean that one should be criminalize for ever…he is not murderer or rapist but he just had brawl, so see it from better perspective….don’t tell me u never had brawl in ur life!!! 

  4. look at A6……..isn’t he implying that HIS MASTERS should release those who were imprisoned before the arrival of ‘cha-thrim-chhenmo’ ? 
    Bogus man —-good for nothing……how cud dpt even nominate such psycho? 

    and rbp – issuing Clearance once and declaring void after some months – again dispalys their efficacy in doin their job ! 

    • Clearance for election purpose is different…why are you so naive and dumb….update your knowledge and just do not bark aimlessly

      • Frankly, I have never seen before that show options that NOC is for election purposes.. may be i am fool..

      • I understand that he was issued clearance for ELECTION otherwise he aint no idiot to go and submit incomplete documents! 

  5. Like begets like. Chromosomal trigging might be the crimnal impulse….

  6. I am a person who has been affected by this person. Whom tashigang people love a lot. But let me tell you in short and precise lines. He has affected peoples life in very negative way. He claimed he was provoked. But in all of his previous ‘brawl’, along with his brother, he was always provoked. He was always in drunken stage. He being the son of lawman and high government official, he was able to dodge all the consequences. He is the untouchable. He never felt guilty for what he did. He never apologised. He will never. Thats the truth

  7. catchmeifyoucan

    So you mean to say we should bash up those who are arrogant…? Interesting..literally..

    Would this promote more youth violence as they will have nothing to fear knowing that being caught for brawl and all won’t hamper their future..? Growing up I always had a fear that If I get engaged in a gang fight or other brawl  and get charged at the court would effect my future, hence it helped me not to engage in these stuffs..

  8. In sentancing ex-speaker for the act he knowing did is some thing we need to adhere. But to me disqualifing his son who had just a brawl with some one a decates back for no intension of a criminal act in nature but of an instant act should be very angerious to every one in future. There may be some situation that for political disabling due to this presidence people may back up some to pick up a fight with a potential candidate so that he or she can be disqualified from political career. Se for instant if a guy goes and pick up a fight eith with JYT or Tshering Tobgay with the intension to disqualify this guys , than isn’t it a ganderious situation.
    In a nut shell i just want to clearify that to criminalise it needs to look in the nature of the crime. To me one can be criminalise if he or she did some thing to security thread of the country. or if he or she insited some criminal which has greater inpact to a society or to the nation. Not to criminalise one just for a mere fight that too instantly due to some effect of alchole. I doubt that this must be also done by inside person only so that the part could not be blamed.

  9. Bad deeds will brand you for life. Think about that the next time you are on a rampage to violate laws and other people’s safety.

  10. will this be same fate for the big cat fight news that once took thimphu by stomr.

  11. I have no sympathy for this guy but with politics, there will be provocation, political vendetta and people trying to get assaulted so that politicians are disqualified. Therefore, petty misdemeanor shouldn’t be treated as a hindrance for political aspirations. If crime falls under 3rd degree felony, then they shouldn’t be allowed to.

    After all, everybody makes mistake but if mistake is made twice, then we should worry. Punishment for crime is given by court. So why the second punishment unnecessarily even for misdemeanor.

  12. Next time we can instigate a polititician to beat up someone and they gey disqualified for the rest of his life. This is precedence which is being set.. So its easy as that..

    • Darla, you be ready, I will depute former OL to bash you up with steel rods on your head so that he doesnot get chance to stand for election on July 13, 2013. Our plan will work definitely!

  13. Anyway he is a straight forward guy with good sense of humour.I know him well…

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