Foreign currency worth Nu 4mn seized

A woman was detained at the Paro Airport carrying foreign currencies worth about Nu 4mn. The currencies were in USD and Chinese Yuan.

The custom officials seized about USD 16,000 (one USD equals to Nu 55) and about 0.4mn Yuan (1 Yuan equals to Nu 5).

The woman,  a wife of a businessman was caught with a carton-box which contained the currencies on her flight to Bangkok. She was carrying it as a hand luggage.

A source told The Bhutanese that the woman had rolled the money in the form of bundled incense stick and concealed them below the cordyceps (she had permit for the cordyceps).

As the Bhutan Agriculture Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) went about its usual rounds, the officials checked the carton box. The BAFRA officials did not notice the currencies at first because of the cordyceps but they saw some notes sticking out.

The foreign currencies were seized and the custom officials took over the case.

According to the currency regulations on export and import, the maximum foreign currency permissible on a person is USD 10,000 (or its equivalent). The amount carried by the woman exceeded limits and the amount had not been declared.

It is been reported that the foreign currencies have been handed over to the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), which is usually the norm.

Custom officials and RBP officials were tight-lipped on the issue.

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  1. Dear Reporter…where is the beautifult photo or atleast the sweet name of this LADY?

  2. I agree that someone who has committed a crime forfeits any right to privacy and his/her identity should be publicized.  This is part of the price one pays for committing a crime.  However, if the culprit is a minor OR if the case is sub-judice, then the identity may be protected until a verdict is passed.

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