Foreign Minister Dasho Dr Tandi Dorji says Red Scarf shows plenty of opportunities to accomplish things in Bhutan

His Majesty The King conferred the Red Scarf to Lyonpo Dasho (Dr) Tandi Dorji, in recognition of his services to the nation during his tenure as the Foreign Minister during the 115th National Day at Changlimithang in Thimphu.

During the pandemic, Lyonpo served as a member of the National COVID -19 Taskforce, and helped to speed up the timely procurement of enough COVID-19 vaccines.

His Majesty The King stated that when the pandemic struck, everyone in the globe was vying for the COVID-19 vaccinations, and Bhutan was concerned about not obtaining any. Lyonpo, as Foreign Minister, was able to provide high-quality vaccinations on schedule.

Dasho expressed that the honour came as a complete surprise.

 “Well, I am elated, and I owe immense gratitude to His Majesty. It came as a surprise, but it was a very good surprise,’ Lyonpo said.

Lyonpo said that it is an additional responsibility to continue to serve the nation.

“The awarding of the Red Scarf also indicates that there is no age of resignation since this is a scarf to be worn for life, which also means that my services to my King, Country and the People are also for life. And I intend to continue to give my all to serve His Majesty The King, the country, and the people as I have done till now. And I feel blessed,” Lyonpo said.

Lyonpo added, “It also indicates that as long as I wear this scarf, I must continue to serve my nation beyond my term. I must serve the calling of The King, the country, and the people. It entails more responsibility. It implies that you will have to do better than you have been doing up to this point, and you will have to keep going.”

Lyonpo remarked that this serves as an inspiration to many others, there are plenty of opportunities to accomplish things in Bhutan, but one must do it sincerely and without agenda or self-interest to work for the Tsa-Wa-Sum.

“If you do well, your contributions will be recognized, and I hope that it will serve as an inspiration to all, especially in the field in which I have worked, as a health person, as a politician, researchers, and social worker. it doesn’t matter what you do, but if you do it with full dedication and if you are truly working in the best interests of Tsa-Wa-Sum, there will be an opportunity for them to be recognized,” Lyonpo said.

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