Former Bjacho Gup re-contesting after 5 years

At 60, Penjor Dorji is giving one more shot at serving his community as an elected local government official, something he did for 15 years in the past.

But he is doing so after a gap of five years and on the insistence of the people of Bjacho Chiwog in Chukha dzongkhag, according to him.

“Today, I am re-contesting as there is no one to represent our Chiwog and people of my Chiwog want me represent them,” said Penjor Dorji. In the recent village cluster meeting he secured his nomination to contest for Gup garnering 51 votes against his competitor’s 34 votes.

In his 15 years in local government, Penjor Dorji served in positions as Tshogpa, Mangmi and Gup. He last served as Gup from 2005 and resigned in 2011 when the first local government elections under a parliamentary democratic system, were held. “I did not take in the first LG election because there were many candidates who wanted to contest for the post and I wanted to give them the opportunity,” Penjor Dorji said.

Penjor Dorji is proud of his service in the past that brought positive changes in the gewog. During his tenure as a gup a community primary school was established in Tshimasham and the teachers and principal quarters were built with better facilities. Various lhakhangs in the gewog were also renovated.

He also said that the potato collection center in Bjacho chiwog and Tshimakha chiwog were built during his tenure including new farm roads.

“I hope to win because people know me well and have trust in me,” he said. “I want happiness within my gewog and people and for that I will work hard and will make sure people believe in me if I get elected.”

Penjore Dorji said that he lacks educational qualification as a candidate but he has skills and work experience and can do whatever is assigned him.

This article was made possible due to support from SDC and BMF

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