Former employee sentenced to three years in jail for embezzlement

A former employee of Ugen Trading House has been sentenced to a three-year non-compoundable prison term for embezzlement, according to a verdict passed on October 3rd by the Thimphu Dzongkhag Court.

The company filed a civil case against Tashi Choki Dorji in 2012, following his termination for alleged embezzlement of Nu 903,700. Tashi Choki Dorji deceived his employer by asking a company in USA, Mayday Industries, to quote US $ 2976.47 against the suppliers actual quote of US $ 1838.97. His employer was asked to deposit the extra amount of US $ 1137.50, which was transferred to his personal account in Bhutan National Bank (BNB).

It was also stated that the Mr. Tashi Choki Dorji while in employment with the company had acquired trading licenses in the name of his wife as M/S Jigtruel Enterprise, TCD traders in his name and Sun Energy Solutions in the name of Mr. Chandra Man Rai, without the knowledge of the company breaching the contract of employment.

The verdict of the civil case was out on November 2014 where Tashi Choki Dorji, proprietor of TCD Traders, was held accountable for misusing and embezzling the company’s fund and had been ordered by the court to reimburse the embezzled amount Ugen Trading.

Following the verdict of the civil case a crime case was filed against Tashi Choki Dorji for failing to make the payment of balance of Nu 303,700 within the ordered duration. Ugen Norbu Jamyang, CEO of Ugen Trading House, said the case was filed to discourage anyone from repeating such actions.

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