Former Finance Minister consoles voters to take it easy with the INR crisis

Wangdi Norbu and Dr. Thinley Norbu
Wangdi Norbu and Dr. Thinley Norbu

The candidates of the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) addressed the voters in Bartsham-Shongphu constituency, and shared their party manifestos and ideologies, and gradually brought forth the burning issues during the common forum held on June 27.

The voters made the best out of the opportunity presented to them through the common forum to clear their various reservations on the pertinent issues of the Indian Rupee (INR) crises with former Finance Minister Wangdi Norbu.

Wangdi Norbu briefly touched upon a few developmental activities the incumbent government left unfurled ‘to be fulfilled given another chance to run the government.’

The DPT candidate addressed the party’s manifesto and pledges to construct roads, electricity for all, water supply, health facilities, education, telecommunications, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

Despite the usual pledges of the party, the former Finance Minister Wangdi Norbu gave a drawn out speech on possible ways to curb the Rupee crisis leading to a credit crunch in Bhutan. He consoled the apprehensive voters regarding the INR shortage to be resolved immediately after three mega hydro projects are operational.

The PDP candidate Dr Thinley Norbu explained the party’s manifesto and pledged to strengthen the local government which will enjoy more administrative power than before, if PDP comes to power. Such autonomy to take decisions is expected to give the people the administrative power to even change the developmental activities and priorities based on their own needs.

On the private sector development, the PDP candidate pledged to provide full support in promoting and enhancing the private sector growth across the country.

Dr Thinley Norbu also pledged to open three new colleges in the east and to bring a balanced regional development, if ever the party comes into power. He also pledged to resolve major challenges faced by the rural communities like, poor road infrastructure and bridges, water supply, transport and communication, agriculture, health and schools.

The 59-year-old DPT candidate Wangdi Norbu has served a full five-year term as the first democratically elected Finance Minister after contesting the 2008 elections. He contested against his cousin in the 2008 elections and was elected with a total of 4,812 votes. Born in 1954 Wangdi Norbu is from Galing in Trashigang. He has a graduate degree in economics (honors) from the University of Western Australia in 1976.

While the PDP candidate served as a medical officer for nine years. The 39-year-old received the medical degree, MBBS from Yangon University in Myanmar.

Bartsham–Shongphu constituency of Trashigang has 41,510 eligible voters.


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  1. Both the candidates r from same family bloods and we Bartshampas and Bidungpas are now contemplating whether we go for change with PDP or with former Minister. This is a recent development and is likely that we will rather go for change. This time we will not listen to so called party workers who have been fooling us like in 2008.

  2. Please write facts. Bartsham–Shongphu constituency of Trashigang does not have 41,510 eligible voters. That is total voters for Trashigang Dzongkhag. Why you get your facts wrong

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