Former RSTA Director joins PDP

Tashi Norbu, 51
Tashi Norbu, 51

The former Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) Director, Tashi Norbu has joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ‘to bring equality among the civil servants’.

He resigned as the Executive Director of the autonomous Health Trust Fund making him one of the seniormost serving civil servanst to join politics.

He will contest from the Khar-Yurung Constituency under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag standing against the incumbent DPT MP who is the Health Minister Lyonpo Zangley Drukpa.

During the 2008 elections he was approached by PDP but he couldn’t participate due to some personal problems. However for this election he is comfortable to join politics. “It’s high time for me to join politics since I am 51 years old now,” he said.

He has a Masters in Education from University of New Brunswick, Canada.

Apart from PDP he was approached by other parties such as Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT).

“I chose to join PDP since it was in first round and will be in second round also. Therefore the party is well-recognized and chances are there for the party to win,” he said. Besides that, he was inspired by the party manifesto and PDP’s motivation to do away with youth unemployment and bring equality for every civil servant.

Asked about the present scenario on Youth unemployment he said the situation has turned out to be miserable and many youths are still unemployed. He suggested the government to be open instead of remaining conservative.

“There are 10 Ministries and within that several departments are there but Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) door is not open. Limited jobs are provided by them,” he said.

Speaking on his contribution, should he win in the elections, he said he would make a firm stand on equality among the civil servants by improving the housing rent allowances.

“Ministers, Secretaries and Members of Parliament get house rent allowances of 20% but civil servants don’t. Why is there difference in it?  There is no equality and justice,” he said. Therefore he said providing 20% house rent allowances for civil servants which includes the corporate sector is essential.

His two big promises are, therefore, a 20% housing allowance for civil servants and also complete youth employment.

Providing amenities for the rural population and happiness to the Nation are others in his list of priorities.

Meanwhile, as a Principal he had some milestone achievements for Punakha Higher Secondary School (PHSS) and Jigme Sherubling Higher Secondary School (JSHSS) in Khaling under Trashigang dzongkhag.

“During my tenure as a Principal for PHSS from 1989-1994, the Fourth King awarded the school as the Best High School,” he said. And in all the consecutive years the school produced series of school toppers and reputation of the school was very good.

After that, from 1995-1997 he had similar achievements in JSHSS. In addition to improving the academy, the outlook of school was improved. Also special advantages were provided for Blind students in the school.

After 19 years of experience in the education sector where he built a formidable reputation as one of Bhutan’s best educators he became the Haa Dzongda for five years.  As a Dzongda he could get excess private land for Lhakhang Karpo, which former Dzongdas couldn’t get in the past.

“Before Lhakhang Karpo had limited space, with the excess land the Lhakhang became spacious and comfortable,” he added.

Meanwhile the Opposition Leader (OL) Tshering Tobgay said “PDP is happy to have him on board at a time when the country needs good leaders.”

The OL said Tashi Norbu has already established himself as a leader. “Good results just followed him everywhere,” OL Tshering Tobgay said. “As a school principal, he was one of the best in the country and when he was in Punakha and Khaling, both schools produced some of the brightest students in the country.”

As the director of RSTA, he brought many reforms including a transport vision for the country. With his sheer hard work and dedication, he excelled as a civil servant and brings with him invaluable experience and understanding to the PDP team.

“He will be a valuable part of the PDP team. We are confident that he will continue to serve the King, country and the people as an important member of the PDP family,” said the OL.

The candidature of Tashi Norbu will strengthen the PDP’s base in eastern Bhutan as until recently the party did not have enough prominent faces from there.

According to some of Tashi Norbu’s civil service colleagues he is an honest, hardworking and likeable person.

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  1. What a BIG BLUNDER, unless he has some alternative arrangement after election, he has lost the bird in his hand to catch two in the bushes!

    • Agree totally, my vote will now be diverted from PDP.

      • I am also from Pemagatshel but not from Khar- Yurung constituency. This constituency has perhaps the greatest candidates of our country in terms of their past positions held and experiences. DNT, PDP and DPT all have equally capable candidates. I would like to see all them as MP, unfortunately with Lyonpo Zangley as DPT candidate, chances of other candidates winning are very less. “Zangley gi nokpay na” .. roughly translating Zangley (name of ox) will … (I don’t have enough vocabularies) .. please help me translate…(NOTE-Lyonpo Zangley himself told this in 2008). 

  2. well, I am happy that dasho has promised to have house rent allowances leading to equity and justice especially people living in Thimphu are facing problem.
    This shows Dasho don’t deserve Votes from the people working in Private firms. As we are aware , if they give 20% allowance to the civial servant , then naturally the rent will increase , so will the private properitators willing to increase 20 %.  We are Bhutanese people, so their shouldn’t be differences between civil servant and private employees. Indirectly the politicians are killing private employee. We people should think a lot

  3. Best of luck! My prayers and wishes are with u. Do not look back. Must win.

  4. Good news for the civil Servants but what if people of Khar-Yurung do not vote for you. Have you done a research ?? Good luck Dasho

  5. I was one of his indirect students in JHSS. Yes, he was a hard working and tough person. He deserves to win at times. But i dont know how many times he visited his village or home. Hardly, he knows the reality of people back in his constituency. Everything is decided from Thimphu and some civil servants…not a real man of village.

  6. It is a wise decision dasho on your part. There are people who joins only strong party with just one aim. i.e to win anyhow. Yours is not. We appreciate your move. Laksam is thinking only about himself or herself and not about the country’s interest. So do not get discouraged by such pessimistic comments. In fact we should welcome such decision and encourage them. BEST OF LUCK Dasho. I AM SURE YOU WILL DO WELL AND BENEFIT THE COUNTRY. This is a boost to PDP and hope many more will follow.

  7. Joining strong party is sure election and ones seat is reserved in the parliament and one has no worry for 5 years beside Lumpsum 700,000/= for vehicle purchase may be this time it could be 1000,000/= on account of inflation. Dear Mr. WISE if I do not think of myself first, I have children to bring up besides helping my old parents at home.

    • if all Bhutanese think like you then we are in trouble. Some one must take risk and lead us. After all he is a senior civil servant and he must have take all things into consideration before reaching to such an important decision. Instead of encouraging and aprreciating him you are pouring a very cold water which I think is not good. If you really are concerned of his welfare pl go and talk to him.

  8. Joining more capable leaders in the politics means more choices and opportunities for our people to elect their future MPs and NCs. Besides senior people like Director Dasho Tashi Norbu, it is also encouraging to note that some young and dynamic people like Dr. Tashi, former BoB CEO Dasho Kinga Tshering, former Zimpon Wogma Dasho Nima Tshering and many more have joined in the politics from various political parties. Our best wishes for their success. But what concern us as the citizen of this beautiful nation is, no candidate should be spared from the service obligation or training obligation.

    For instance we found in the media that some candidate from the MOLHR is required to pay huge amount as the training obligation as he has resigned from the service to join politics before completion of his training bond. There should not be exception, they should pay. But what is more worrying is, we also learnt from the media that Zimpon Wogma Dasho Nima Tshering who has just come back from training from USA is not required to pay. This raises many questions and deep inside his political friends and foes in the various parties will always think that there is two system in our nation. One system who has to oblige and comply to rules and the other not required to comply or obliged if people like Zimpon Wogma Dasho Nima is not complying to training obligation. In our views there is no two ways about it, the fact that he was a civil servants, there should not be any exception for any better treatment. In fact people in his position should be more sensitive to the needs of compliance to the rules and system so that other civil servants can emulate and look upon them as their role models. Having said this, it leads to many questions, first how was he able to go for training if RCSC has not approved his training, secondly how can he misuse the Zimpon Wogma position by not complying to the civil service rules for the payment of training obligation like any other civil servants. This questions will always remain in the minds of Bhutanese civil servants and will pave way for further investigation by the ACC or RAA or the RCSC for misusing the official position. If these agencies cannot investigate his case then who will bell the cat. Can we afford to have two systems? Is it healthy for the system to have different treatment for Zimpon Wom Dasho Nima Tshering?.

    • Haha, so for all his stories about uplifting the lives of the less fortunate, he got off lightly, it seems. As for RCSC, did anyone expect anything better?

  9. I’m a Khar-Yurung voter and I have faith in Tashi Norbu’s performance. However, I’m afraid that he joined the wrong party. I would have liked you to join DPT in place of the present MP or after his tenure for one more term. Anyhow, all the best.

    • I too feel exactly like Lengkong, Dasho Tashi Norbu should have joined DPT in 2018, by choosing to join the PDP, he will have alienated himself from many people who would have otherwise supported him. But if had to choose between Lyonpo Zangley and Dasho Tashi, I would choose the latter every day of the week.

      • why blame PDP? To me PDP is like any other party if not a better party. It is not a Ngolop party. At least it is people’s party, democratic party. But how it will perform if it become govt will be seen. So no use blaming the party. So no worries.

        • Who is blaming the PDP, what I am trying to say is that the people of Yurung/Khar constituency support the DPT with an overwhelming majority, in that way, he would have alienated himself from many of the people that would have otherwise supported him.

          • good you may think but do not forget there are people who supports PDP and dasho Tashi Norb is not a fool to make such a decision.

    • I am atleast happy that Tashi Norbu despite being a senior Govt Official had the gutts to give up his post and salary for a greater cause of serving the Tsawasum by joining in the political fray irrespective of which party he represents. Atleast he has filled up one of the vacancies so badly needed hitherto for the constituency for the aspiring political parties.
      Other senior civil servants should also follow suit to fulfill the desires of other parties too.

      • I would not call it guts, I would say that he is being foolhardy. I however, don’t know what his real intentions are, at the same time, I am aware that many people have joined or join politics to escape the wrath of the RCSC, vis-a-vis, training bonds etc.

      • But if he beats Zangley Dukpa, I will be more than happy to eat my words.

    • you are very right. I too feel that same way.

  10. I am from Khar -yurung too and a student of Tashi norbu. He is capable but sadly he is in wrong team. I heard that he was pressurized too much to join PDP even in 2008. If I think of my constituency khar yurung alone, Tashi Norbu deserves my vote but if i think of my country as a whole DPT deserves my vote. I will not tell you all, my vote is secret 🙂

  11. People's Democratic Party

    Me and family members of 40 heads will vote for you……………because I am a tsebarpa

  12. Very interesting. It’s good to some senior experience civil servants resigning to make their contribution to Bhutanese democracy. It’s rare to find such a thing happening and when it does happen the senior civil servants invariably resign to join the ruling party. if this doesn’t change then in future Bhutanese democracy most likely to become a one party democracy. 

  13. I think he is a smart guy. He does bring changes. He is worth than Minister Jangley.

  14. I am afraid that his decision to join politics at this hour is a blunder mistake. His joining to PDP and Dr. Singye joining to DNP only makes Lyonpo Zanglay’s chances of wining higher. Anyway, if wining is not the sole motive then, it is fine. Otherwise, I could see the result now itself. 

  15. To supplement Sunmoom, the training bond should not apply while resigning to join politics. This is because- politics is for a greater or wider cause. One resigns to serve the country in a better and at higher position. Moreover, because of bonds many talented civil servants are not in a position to join politics and the parties are not getting right candidates. If civil servants are allowed to resign without binding, there will be vacancies in the civil service and fresh graduates who are joining politics without experienc will get opportunities to join service. Anyway, things are not working as they should be!

    • The problem is that in some cases it is being applied and in some they are not, what we want from the RCSC is only a bit of consistency. As for ACC, they also need to stop ignoring such issues and take appropriate action.

  16. Passang Dhendup

    if govt.had enough resources, anyone could have granted allowances or even pay raise. i don’t think TN can do so at the present govt. resources

  17. Dasho Tashi is a man of action and  I see him doing what he says he will do. The people of Pema Gatsel ought to happy to have a man of his calibre. He is brave to go withe PDP. a Party that has lost badly and needed a big helping hand, and this in my opinion shows the sincerity and well meaingness of the man. It is so easy to rush to the side of the winning Party but few will have the guts to go with a Party that is percieved to be weak, but Dasho Tashi goes for what he believes in.
    He is definitely a Ministerial quality and will be a much better bet than the current serving Minister. 
    For those who say that he has not lived long in his village or Dzongkhag, I would like to ask the same people how many of you have also spent time in villages and lived life of a villager – very few. What is important is what he can do and what he represents in terms of an agenda to make a difference for the people of Pema Gatsel. I wonder if Lyonpo Zangley also spent much of his life in Mikuri. This a reality with many of us living and seeking our ambitions far away from home. 
    I welcome Dasho Tashi to the world of politics and wish him all success and and knowing him, he will, I’m sure make a difference.

  18. Although I will be happy to vote for Tashi Norbu from my constituency, I can never imagine Tshering Tobgay ruling the country. For me, leadership of a party is very important because it is in the captain’s hand where and how to take the ship.

    • Lengkong, Tshering Tobgay being the PM of our country should be the least of your worries, come post elections, PDP and the OL will both be history. My prediction is that the DPT will form the next government with a landslide victory and DNT will form the opposition. 

      And in many ways, the very quick demise of the PDP as a viable political party will in no small measure be because of it’s strong association with this paper. In the last 5 years, both this paper and PDP have done nothing to promote good politics, all they have done is to tell the world that Bhutan is a horrendous place.

      I for one won’t be shedding any tears when this paper and the OL are confined to the annals of history.

  19. @Lengkong
    You hit the nail right on the hammer! If OL becomes PM, let us not even dream of it, let alone think about it.

    • Dear lengkong and Laksam,
      With respect to your views, I strongly disagree with you. It looks like you are very biased. May be you blind follower or you have personal grudge with OL. i DO NOT KNOW HIM PERSONALLY. But with what he and his lone MP friend did in the parliament in the last five years was excellent to say the least. Frankly speaking they did what other 45 could not do. In spite of brute majority the govt was cowed down by this two MPs. So I fell they are capable man. They have shown it and all Bhutanese knows this if only they look through normal or uncolored glasses. if you have any proff of saying that pl share with the readers for information. On the other hand I am afraid that our Ministers are not appearing clean as per the media reports. Be fair in your comment and do not belittle someone just because you have personal problems.

      • Really, you mean to say that they took the RGOB to court and won, while it is true that they won the case, what you obviously do not realize is that the OL was merely protecting his very rich cronies from having to pay more tax.

        While he and his mega rich friends won the day in court, we as a country suffered.

        • good let us be fair ya. We know there were lapses on the part of the govt. but sadly like you our PM went on blaming Opp telling people where ever he visited that they have done nothing wrong and what they have done was for the good of the country. However the supreme court proved other wise. The govt lost showing they have in fact violated the sacred constitution. This is indeed a sad fact but true that this govt comitted a grave mistake. We also know they did not bear any accountability or responsibility. Had it been in other countries the govt should have beeen dissolved then. On the other hand we saw a monk being convicted for three years for carrying or chewing tobacco! So mr/miss good do not try to teach us or speak on behalf of pemagatshel pa people. be fair in your comment. do not make it cheap just because it is free to make comment. we are misusing our freedom.

  20. OL is quite capable to rule our country. What i like about him is he has the humility to listen to all of us. That is important in democracy because consensus of people is essential to make decisions otherwise we will get bad policies luke tobacco act, gyelpozhing scam, pedestrain rule and etc. Depending on one man arrogance is bad for the country. OL has the humility to listen to us. That is what i have observed from his conduct in the last 5 years. This young man should be given a chance to lead our country. Remember we have a very young King who unite our country most brilliantly. Our country is not like US or any other developed countries which deals with complex social and economic issues. we only have two issues to handle steadfastly. That is one domestic issue: to unite with our King so that we all live in harmony as united Bhutanese, and one foreign relation issue: to strengthen friendship with India that will keep our economy intact. Championing these two issue will comfortably steer our country forward.

  21. Without tenancy act, providing 20% or be it 100% house rent allowance, it is back to square one. It only benefits house owners.
    Any party promises to implement tenancy act, surely have majority vote in ballot box.

  22. Best of luck Dasho Tashi Norbu……i ve had a very limited time working under u but you have just won my trust and hopes….il surely vote for you…nd pray that u win…best of luck….nd yeah civil servants what about your house rent? isn’t it ever increasing?? 

  23. Mr.Good
    Where were you all this time? This paper and the PDP have done so much damage to our Country’s image, however, because of PM and K5’s popularity people(as tourists) came to Bhutan to see it for themselves. As such we had the highest tourists for the last five years. If the world believed whatever PDP and this paper reported, they would have stopped grants and aids. We are OK now because of the PDPT.

    • That’s exactly what I have been saying all along, that the only thing this paper and the OL did in the last 5 was to paint a very poor picture of our country.

  24. I see DPT supporters everywhere.
    whereever there is a post regarding any other political party, there are representatives from the DPT, trying to bring down the person from the other party.

    Which m sure wont make much of a difference.

    let the best prevail in 2013 elections 

  25. Hi Wisdom and Sonam, Show us what the two opposition MPs achieved that others did not. All they did was to complain, but did not offer any solutions. PDP broken into two parts, one being DNT itself shows how many people trust the potential of OL. And one more thing, just having stable relationship with India is never enough for Bhutan’s sovereignty. If that was the case, why did the third king made Bhutan join UN? Let’s be more broadminder than that and think global in this 21st century.

    • Let me remind Lengkhong’s dumb memory that OL won the first ever Supreme case against the ruling government. That in itself is a big achievement for the tiny opposition party whereby 100s of Bhutanese people were benefited with the reimbursement of taxation money. If you consider construction of 4 airports by DPT as success then you must read the RAA reports and perhaps visit some of the airports to learn firsthand the predicament of these airports. It is of no use to construct infrastructure that are of little use at the expense of huge economic loss. So list goes on and on that i am fed up.

      You man not like to hear that our country is existing today primarily because of steadfast support and protection from India. No doubt, wise Kings have ensured that through maintaining strong bilateral relations with India. The story would have been different for our country if we had remained away from India. That is why i am wholeheartedly grateful to Indians. In 21st century, sovereignty of Bhutan is ensured but economic self-reliance is not. Even today we depend almost completely on India. Let me remind you that we depend on India even to grow vegetables and rice that you and I consume. Almost everything. Sharing 80 % trade with India is enormous by any standard. That is why our foreign relations with India is a first priority. Any leader of future must understand this fundamental foreign policy of Bhutan. Others are only a small consideration of this globalization effect. We can well live comfortable lives by just considering our southern relations.

    • Lengkong,
      It seems you did not followed the Assembly sessions. This 2 Mps I mean OL and dasho Damchoe dorji did their best in making up the opposition’s role in the parliament in spite of just two in number. Of course their role is to question the govt and check the autocratic or authoritarian rule of the majority. The questions they asked the govt were reasonable and justified in numerous instances. they have shown they are capable. Otherwise our democracy would in danger of being ruled a single party. So pl do not forget the bigger picture. The highlight of their opposition was when the govt lost the constitutional case. Had it been in other countries, the govt would have taken the responsibility. Even the opposition would have ask for dissolution of the Govt but opposition did not. Is it not mature opposition. On the other hand DPT has shown no sense of responsibility nor accountability. they are as before. we have seen numerous blunder but no accountability. That way we will not improve. A bridge collapse and the Minister says the engineer is hard working and cannot take action! what an example. rupee crisis is full blown and no one take responsibility. This govt in spite of its number is very weak in action. Just my personal thought as a thinking citizen of this country. we expect more. just making farm road is no development. tell me one major policy desion this govt made???? that would have long term impact.

  26. Laksam, which world are you living in? Don’t you know the kind of economic and financial crisis this country is going through. Our reserves are depleting with little source to replenish and the rupee shortage is even getting worse than we were alarmed by it. Our currency shortage will soon be another shocker. I don’t want to be the prophet of doom, but we Bhutanese ought to wake up to the present situation and be worried. What we need are answers from the govt. and it’s their responsibility to tell the citizens the truth rather tthan continuing to paint a rosy picture. It’s not about politics but about our own stomachs and the confidence we shared when we were governed by a wise King. We ought not to be swayed by the governments self denial and try to understand the situation as it really stands.
    Therefore Laksam, we are not okay and remember grant aids are already being drastically reduced from all donors and has nothing to do with some paper or individual writing and speaking out their minds. They understand this and welcome it as a sign of democracy where people express their views freely(hopefully). Donors are reducing assistance because Bhutan is supposedly doing far better than most developing countries.  But,we know how far from the truth it is. We are like

    • I don’t think any sitting government would have been able to prevent the crises that you are talking about, what the OL says in his interview about reining in extra expenditure etc will not work in the real world. He only wants to portray himself as a latter day Robin Hood, which he is not. 

  27. an egg shell, vulnerable to the slightest touch. Yes, we need the govt. to understand and put proper policies and measures in place, and we the people must do our part to weather any storm that lies ahead.

  28. Dasho Tashi Norbu will never let down the people he intends to represent. Me and my family members have strong support for Dasho Tashi. Dasho, move on…We will stand firm behind you.

  29. Dasho,,,, Tashi Norbu Best of Luck,, we the people of p.gatshelpa are v, happy that you have joine in PDP. 100% my vote is for you only, Tashi Deleek 2013

  30. Tashi Norbu is a good candidate but will he even be elected? Very big question? Only a bunch of Tsebarpas from his village may vote for him as majority are with DPT. Moreover i believe, most people of Dungmin, Chongshing, Chimong, Yurung and even Khar are with DPT.  I think he should have joined DNT. For me, party as a whole is more important than a few capable candidates, i will go with a better party because i think of our country as a whole and not my constituency alone. But it is his personal business which party to join and of course he is a man of action. Infact he should have lead a party. 

  31. @USA,
    Who made rupee shortage worse-Maruti Agent, Mahindra Agent, TATA agent, who owns all this companies?
    In order to get foreign aids and grants, our PM had been moving around in world conference where he discussed GNH to make Bhutan popular, the Opposition members asked for PM’s expense accounts to be submitted to them, is it a contribution from the OP?

    • Haha, the OL and opposition asking for the PMs expenses, that was the type of dirty and negative politics they have engaged in for the past 5 years, yet, some people here believe that they did a good job. And who can forget, the PDP, after being trounced in the elections, making a beeline for His Majesty’s chambers to request for a return to the monarchy. In that one moment of madness, the arrogance of the PDP was exposed for all to see and for which they will never win the general elections, ie will never form the government.

  32. I am not sure whether by giving 20 % housing allowance to all civil servants will do any good to our economy because:
    1. It will not take care of soaring house rents in Thimphu. Rather such an allowance will only drive our greedy house owners to raise the rent further. Thus nullifying the very motif to support civil servants.
    2. Like someone has mentioned above this will only drive private employees to further starvation especially those people who are not earning much. Those businesses who are doing well can survive any onslaught but not poor private employees.

    My proposal is :

    1. Implement Tenancy laws stringently. That will safeguard tenants from greedy house owners.
    2. Depopulate Thimphu city by taking away governmental institutions to other parts of Bhutan. Paro is a great place to begin with. Institutions like ECO, ACC, NLCS, NSB and so on can very well function from Paro. Not every institutions need to be in Thimphu city. This will solve many future problems. We really don’t need to populate Thimphu so much.

  33. As i am good in predicting , i can predict that DPT will win in next election. DNT will be the opposition but i am sure SIngye Namgyal will not win from his constituency becos there is some fishy things going on between Dasho Tashi Norbu and SIngye Namgyal. Both are Cousins.
    Those who support PDP, they don’t know the role of opposition. Talking unnecessary things will not work but actions deserve.
    For sure, Bhutan won’t survive without DPT.
    DPT GYELO …. This is my prophecy ……. 

  34. Dendup Penjor

    I support to vote by looking at your profile and of course the most importantly your manifesto. Go ahead …determine now..cheers…

  35. @ Rinpoche the best predictor, you are more perfect predictor than me. I have predicted 1000000 times and all the time DPT won. What a synchronizing prediction. Let us always predict together to make the DPT win 2013, 2018 also and always!

  36. Old is gold.Plz.try again and wish your party for successful result for upcoming MP election.

  37. Wonderful and great manifestoes.Plz.Go ahead .With cheers

  38. Dear supporter of DPT like Good, laksem etc. I can understand your intentions. We are humans with all sorts of bias and emotion. I have your opinion in the spirit of democracy. We all must express opinion and participate to make democracy a meaningful system in Bhutan. But remember there are people like you who love and support other parties.
    You may not like to hear but the truth is many current MPs especially those perceived to be non-performer are going to have difficult time in the upcoming election. This is a fact. My prediction is based on fact/science through careful observations which is usually the truth. Also I hear many people would support PDP this time. Many are already regretting including my family who voted for DPT. There were strong support for PDP in 2008 initially and they were confident of winning. Because of that PDP has strong presence on the ground in spite of being badly defeated in 2008. Also many people including civil servant like me would like to see a change this time. We thank our sr Ministers for ruling us for so long and reaching us to this level of development. But let us also not forget that these are mostly due to the guidance of our Kings. Bhutan is not made for the last five years. Many infrastructures were in places which enable this govt to perform what they performed. We thank them for their untiring services to the country. We love them but we also want to change and share opportunities with the younger generation leaders. We see many capable people in the offing but people like you who lack self-belief think we cannot run a small country of few lakhs people. You think some Ministers are indispensible which is not true. Remember we all have Buddha inside us! But we are blinded by ignorance and ego that we think we are incapable.
    Coming to the rupee crisis, who says it is not preventable? Only if our leaders are being little more insightful or being in charge or know what they are doing. I am 40 years plus old but never saw rupee crisis until recently that is also under a first democratic govt! They seem too lost on what is happening. Even accident is preventable. People like Good cannot think of such thing as prevention. Very sad situation. Yes we can prevent only if we know what we are doing or are concerned about the people of this country and not thinking of winning only. Did you not see this govt running when we should be actually walking first?

  39. For a change and also for the sake of equity I and my family are for PDP this time. It is one of the oldest party and they have sacrificed a lot. let us think wisely and vote fairly. In Bhutan our king is always there to protect us should anything go wrong. The duty of politician is to work hard for the benefit of the people and the country and not tell lies or show bad example like corruption.

  40. I am glad that Dasho Tashi Norbu joined politics and PDP. I appreciate your decision because you joined a party which was struggling. With your joining it will be strong now. I am from pema gatshel and we are for you la. Give your best. I am sure there are many like me who supports you. All the best la.

  41. I think what wisdom says make sense. Some people especially supporter of dpt think no one is capable than PM which is not true. That is to say or show arrogance of knowledge or lack of self belief. Also we can already see people getting intoxicated with power and addiction to it. they want to win some how. These people should be carefully voted out by people. There are people who look for winning only and don’t care of rule of law or democracy.
    I also think it was bold decision on the part of Dasho T ashi Norb in joining PDP which is a good party but people were totally mislead by few fox in 2008 making it to be a bad party. Now we realize which is good or bad. This is 2013 and we are matured by 5 years and it will be not same like 2008.

  42. At this critical juncture of our political transition, we need our senior civil servant to come forward and join politics to take our country forward. HM the king has made it very clear that capable people should join and lead. He also asked people to vote for capable and good people. But so far the response has been slow and disappointing. No secretary or dzongdag or drangpons have come forward so far. They are afraid to move out of their comfort zone. As such Dashos decision to take plunge is very significant.We appreciate and welcome your decision although your opponents may not be happy. Welcome dasho and all the best. May you win!

  43. Congratulation Dasho. And the foremost, I would like to wish you a best of luck, may your move to join the politics be blessed for the result win…won.
    I would like to share my thoughts with the general public but i don’ mean to offend or defend any one. PDP is a registered political party of Bhutan, PDP has the a Bhutanese candidates who are equally capable like the DPT has, in fact better than them. So, why don’t we give PDP a chance to form a government? Every individual saw what the past Govt. did. They did their best  and the changes we can see. Former govt. must have done abt 70% of the work, which is not bad. But we have choice….PDP may do 80%-85% If we give chance to PDP, who knows they may do better then the former Govt. If they don’t perform well, it is in the peoples hand to see them after 5years in 2018

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