Four arrested for murder

Thimphu police apprehended four suspects in connection with the murder a 33 year old man who is from Thimphu. The incident took place on the early morning of 22nd July on the road below MoWHS.

On July 22 at around 4.30 AM, a man came to Thimphu city PS stating that a man was lying unconscious below MoWHS. Upon reaching the crime scene, police found the man lying unconscious whereby they evacuated the man to the hospital.

The man was admitted for observation and since he could not talk, police informed his parents through his mobile phone. The hospital told police that the man suffered from severe head injury with which they felt suspicious and started with the investigation.

Police said, “Initially we felt that the man was unconscious with a possibility of disease or being drunk, however, when we heard of head injury we started our investigation and went through the record of CCTV in that area.”

In the CCTV, they saw a car coming from Changlam plaza towards city police station whereby the car stooped near MoWHS from which four people came out of the car. There, the four of them started fighting whereby one man fell down and the rest of them fled the crime scene.

However, on 23 July, the man succumbed to death. The police managed to arrest the four suspects on 26 July and the four suspects includes the driver who dropped four of them near MoWHS.

Though they confess to the crime, police are investigating the case on how and why the incident took place. All the four suspects are residing in Thimphu of which three are unemployed and one is a businessman.

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