Four men including two hospital private security guards arrested for burglary

Thimphu police apprehended four men including two private security guards for burglary. The four suspects stole mobile phones from people who had to stay overnight at the crematory ground for funeral preparation.

Police received complaints from the victims stating that their mobiles had gone missing when they woke from their sleep.

On 8 April, police received a complaint from crematory ground stating that they have managed to catch a 24-year-old private security guard who appeared suspicious. The suspect was moving around the ground on that day the two men lost their phones while they were sleeping in a tent.

Upon questioning by the police, the suspect confessed to stealing the mobile phones, and in the process, the police managed to arrest three other persons involved in the crime.

Of the four suspects, two are private security guards who work in the hospital while the other two are unemployed. Police recovered two mobile phones from one of the suspect’s house. All the suspects are detained by the police for further investigation.

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