Four new candidates to compete against two experienced ones in Chukha

1. Pema Tenzin

Pema Tenzin, 39 is an incumbent candidate from Chapcha gewog. He did Masters in Business Administration. For 10 years, he worked in Management and Operation of luxury hotels and travel companies and has served as an incumbent NC member for the past 5 years. He is also a Chairperson of the Economic Affairs Committee.

Beside law making and review functions, he said, “I will continue to work towards promoting Chhukha Dzongkhag as one of the economic hubs. I simply want to listen and work with the constituents and voice out their concerns in the Parliament”.

Besides that, he said that, he wants to encourage youths and farmers. He said, “Chukha Dzongkhag has six candidates, however, my strength is my management experience.”

2. Tshewang Lhamo

Tshewang Lhamo, 37 is from Bjabchho gewog and holds Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Hospitality and management. She served as a NC member the in first term of election, while she also has work experience in construction industry.

“I don’t want to preempt my end results right now and I am leaving up to the people as they know the best”, she added.

When it comes to bringing changes in the Dzongkhag, she said that, issues has to be policy related ones or any existing laws affecting the day to day life of people in Dzongkhag.

“As the mandate permits, it has to be done through legislation, review of policies and amendments and also recommendations to the government for interventions and proper implementation of plans and policies in a right full manner. Therefore, I pledge to carry out my mandate whole full-heartedly”, she said.

3. Sangay Dorji

Of the four new candidates, Sangay Dorji, 38 is from Bongo gewog. He holds Masters in Educational Management and Administration. He has 13 years of work experience in the civil service serving as principal in all level of school, both in the government and private.

He has set priorities in five areas which are to strive to strengthen the rule of law to safeguard the interest and rights of every Bhutanese, uphold the constitution for a vibrant democracy to achieve the goals of GNH and collaborate and coordinate with the two NA members of Chukha to address Dzongkhag specific issues.

The other two points are to review the successful implementation of 12th FYP activities and provide the support and facilitate local government for better public service.

He said that, “The experiences accumulated by my two past candidates who served as NC will never hinder my work output. I will not lose hope over the experienced candidates nor will I overtake the new comers as every individual will have their own way of management”.

4. Damcho Gyeltshen

Damcho Gyeltshen, 32 is from Loggchina gewog and he holds a degree in B. Com Finance. In his past years, he was a Non-Formal Education instructor, temporary teacher and he also has served as an Administration Assistant.

He said that, in his manifesto he cannot ask for votes promising to give infrastructure development, after all it will create conflict between the candidate and the public.

Therefore, he said that, “My manifesto is all based on the roles and responsibility of national council. As a part of roles and responsibility of NC, they act as a legislative body and review plan, policy and program of the government and make good legislation.”

If elected, he said that, he would review the old rules and regulation or laws and make changes if recommended, enact the new law or rules and regulation that can bring peace, prosperity and tranquility for the country, people and the society as a whole and work with the concept of GNH.

5. Hem Kumar Ghalley

Hem Kumar Ghalley, 31 from Phuentsholing gewog holds a degree in Bachelor in Computer Application. He has worked in IT related fields and other businesses for 7 years.

He said, “For now I believe that we have to review agriculture development policy and plan as maximum people depends on agriculture. I am also planning to boost our industrial sector”.  Democracy is by the people for the people, so he trust’s and believes in people’s choice, he added.

6. Kinley Dorji

Kinley Dorji, 33 is from Geling gewog, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature from Taktse College. He has worked as a language teacher, tour guide, and assistant land register and also in a BPO.

“I was overwhelmed with the win in the Dhamngoi Zomdu, but after deep realization it gave me a sense of duty and responsibility. All the candidates are capable and charismatic, hence, I appeal all my voters to choose the right candidate who can lend his ears at all times”, he added

“There are infinite plans in my mind. I would prioritize and encourage development through community engagement, strengthen independence and sovereignty”, he said.

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