Four seats in Samtse swept by DNT

Like the other southern dzongkhags, Samtse also voted for change in 2018 as Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) won all the four seats in Samtse.

Ugyentse-Yoeseltse constituency went to DNT’s Dinesh Kumar Pradhan as he got 5,353 total votes of which 1,343 were postal votes. Combining 543 postal votes and 1,511 EVM, DPT’s Lila Pradhan got 2,054 votes.

Dinesh Kumar said that overall, DNT’s victory is attributed to credibility of party president, and the manifesto with its unique and interesting pledges. “People may have seen the potential in me, having served for 32 years as an educationist and having worked in various places across the country,” he also added. He said that people went for change since DPT has already served in the opposition and as a ruling party during its last two terms.

In Dophuchen-Tading constituency, the victory shifted from DPT to DNT in the general round. DNT’s Loknath Sharma fetched 5,069 (1,302 PB + 3,767 EVM) total votes against 4,532 (856 PB+ 3,676 EVM) by DPT’s Thakur Singh Powdyel.

Loknath Sharma said the race was competitive since his opponent was a ministerial candidate and had the popularity factor. “But we could make it finally since we doubled our effort in the general round, otherwise it was not to be taken lightly,” and added, “The other factor for wining is that the president’s visit during the general round campaign was much more effective.”

Likewise, in Phuntshopelri-Samtse constituency, the victory shifted to DNT by landslide while it was taken by PDP during the primary round. DNT’s Ganesh Ghimiray got 5,332 (1,145 PB + 4,187 EVM) against 2,557 (520PB+ 2,037 EVM) for DPT’s Kamal Dan Chamling.

Ganesh Ghimiray said the hard work of the coordination team is the reason for victory. “Another reason is that people looked into our pledges and leadership of the party.” He said his priority is to enhance road connectivity to boost the business for the livelihood of the people.

In Tashichoeling constituency, DNT’s Dil Maya Rai got 6,032 votes (1,537 PB+ 4,495 EVM) while DPT’s Durga Prasad Chhetri got  3,449 votes (604 PB+ 2,845 EVM). Dil Maya Rai said the voters have become wiser, which is why the people are now able to choose which party would benefit them.

“And they are looking for the change which we offer, which could be why we won, apart from party’s pledges and leadership.”

She also said the victory is due to the strong membership base where the team spirit and cooperation was upright. “We worked really hard in convincing and educating the people about our goals and commitments,” she added.

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