Four visually impaired youths undergoing spa therapy training

The visually impaired youth who work in the capital at hotels, drayangs and nightclubs earning their livelihood by singing and performing will now be trained in professions like spa therapy.

The initiative by Bhutan Foundation in partnership with Disable Persons’ Association of Bhutan( DPAB) will enhance the livelihood of those visually impaired people who have been making their living by earning a meager income.

To start with, DPAB has identified two visually impaired men and two women, including a youth who have never been to school. One of the youth is28-year-old Dhan Bhadhur from Dagana who studied till eight grade and has worked as a musician with DPAB since 2012. He said that though such training is provided for the first time to the visually impaired people.

“I am excited,” he said. While another youth is23 year old Yeshi Bidha from Chukha who has never been to school and have been depending on the families and relatives for a living. She said that she is fortunate to have received training out of which she can earn for herself. “I do not face any difficulties during the training because I concentrate during the lessons,” she said.

According to the program coordinator of Bhutan Foundation, Tandin Pem, most of the selected visually impaired candidates for the spa therapy training have completed their education form Muenselling Institute for the Visually Impaired in Khaling, Trashigang.

She said that they have started working as a singer and musician after their studies while others are still dependent to the family members Tandin for Pem their also livelihood. said that Amankora agreed to help train those four visually impaired youths for about six months in spa therapy. During the training the youths would be provided with housing, living allowances, “With the transportation hotel and spa and industry uniform. growing in Bhutan a career as a spa therapist projects a brighter and more secure future,” she said.

They will be certified as spa therapists and provide work in various resorts and spas in the country including the host Amankora depending available positions.

Meanwhile, Amankora has further plans to provide similar trainings to disabled youth from disadvantaged families.

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