Fourth party waiting for ACC to clear ‘political air’ on corruption cases

The fourth party on the block, Bhutan National Party (BNP) or the Druk Mitser Tshogpa, is waiting for the ACC to complete its investigation on corruption cases like the Gyalposhing and health ministry scams as it is necessary to have the 2013 elections on a clean political slate. “The political air needs to be cleared first and only then will the party’s president be finalized and registration completed,” the party spokesperson, who did not wish to be named at this point, told The Bhutanese.

The party, which has already completed seven rounds of meetings, has former dzongdas, judges, armymen, senior civil servants and ex-councilors on the team. The party is looking for potential candidates, but they will have to meet a certain criteria set by the executive committee. The party manifesto, based on the 10th Plan, will encourage small-scale industries and private participation in hydropower projects. One unique feature is that BNP will encourage nation service for young people, especially students.

The party will support state funding as it will be difficult to survive just on membership fees and voluntary contributions.

Regarding having party workers, the candidates will have to build their own support base in the grassroots. “The party workers will have to sustain themselves,” he said.

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