Fourth time is a charm for Tshering Tshomo from Zhemgang

Tshering Tshomo won the NC election from Zhemgang with 3,170 votes.

She graduated from Paro College of Education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

This is her fourth time running for the election eventually winning as the lone female NC candidate this year.

She discussed her feelings about being the lone female delegate from the NC. “I was excited when I won my constituency, but I later found out that I would be the only female representative in the house,” she said.

She claimed that four of them competed in the final elections, but the outcomes fell short of her expectations.

She feels that, as the only female NC delegate, it is her duty to assume the enormous responsibility of speaking for the women who make up more than half of Bhutan’s population. She remarked that it would have been lovely if other female competitors had won.

She still has trust that they can all work together, despite the fact that she is the only female delegate.

Tshering Tshomo replied that when asked what led to her victory, she said, “People believed in my commitments because they were very practical, like the annual consultation visit, and none of my neighbours had it. Second, she was perceived as being very bold and confident, which demonstrated her confidence.”

She also thinks that her constituents’ desire for a female politician contributed to her victory.

She believes that she must be the nations and her community’s true voice. She believes that, as the only woman in the NC delegation to parliament, she must excel as a politician in order for voters to have confidence in any female political leaders.

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