From Gewogs and Dzongkhag

Farmers receive demonstration to use agriculture tools

The officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest (MoAF) demonstrated the use of sprinkler irrigation, nursery rising under protected (polyhouse) cultivation to farmers in Lamgong gewog.

The initiative is expected to bring around 40 acres of area under vegetable cultivation in Lamgong gewog.

Paro Dzongkhag is a pioneer in agriculture development in the country and thus the Ministry has accorded strategic significance to launch its vegetable self-sufficiency initiative.

The officials advised people of Paro and the farming community of Lamgong in particular to consider the initiative as a major opportunity and to put in concerted efforts to make it a success so as to serve as a beacon to farmers across the country.

(Tanden Zangmo)


Nothing more than development works

The gewog is busy in all sense of the word with development activities of the fifth financial year.

The activities include five schemes of Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS), one scheme of irrigation channel and one Out-Reach Clinic for the gewog.

The total budget allocated for this financial year is about Nu 4mn.

In addition to that, the continuation works of last financial year, the Suspension bridge of Deklai River which connects Dungkarling and Mendrupling are still underway in this financial year.

On few occasions, problems cropped-up due to rain in this monsoon season, otherwise, development activities are on good speed.

Phuntshothang is a gewog of about 514 households and the people in it will greatly benefit from the completion of these development works.

(Tashi Deki)



Ura awaits Bridge to complete Bypass Road

The two Construction Company; Rigsar construction and Tshering construction have almost completed the black-topping of the road.

“However the Ura community awaits a bridge over a river in Gaptong,” said the Gewog gup Dorji wangchuk.

The Connection of the Nu 260mn Ura bypass road with Thimphu-Trashigang highway will shorten the 67 km road to 32 kms making it more accessible.

The construction of the road started from 2008 and is set to be completed by 2013.

People in Ura had planned to set up business after the completion of the road and some of them have already acquired licenses for grocery, hotels, automobile workshop and many more.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Villagers desire more repair on farm roads

Completion of works on the 5 km farm road, people of Shelay village in Ruebisa will be able to transport vegetables with ease to nearby Wangdue town.

The road which leads to Tashilaga from Chuzomsa is still not repaired by the Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) despite the Gup’s appeal.

The Ruebisa gup said the road which is vital for more than 100 households to transport agriculture products was badly damaged by the heavy vehicles which transported timber to the NRDCL. The road serves people from two gewogs of Ruebisa and Bjednag.

Amost a 60km stretch starting from the Wangdue town has been damaged by these heavy vehicles.

Earlier this month the two gups of Ruebisa and Bjednag approached the NRDCL authorities in Thimphu on the matter and they agreed to repair a stretch of 6kms leading to Tashilaga from Chuzomsa. This however the gups says is not enough to solve the whole problem.

The NRDCL authorities have started survey on the 6km stretch.

(Yeshey Tshewang)

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