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Weavers’ gewog long for tourism facilities
Weaving Kishuthara is the main occupation for the people in Khoma community and the passionately woven intricate patterns have brought good name for the gewog.
However ‘name and fame’ is not conducive to sustain livelihoods and people now wish for facilities that will hold the tradition intact and help earn a livelihood at the same go.
Due to few buyers in the community, weavers are discouraged by the day to follow their ancestral traditions.
According to the Gewog Gup Sithar Tshering the community goes to sell finished products in the capital city and tourists who hardly visits Lhuentse buys the product.
The community hopes that the government will include their gewog as a tourist spot like Bumthang in order to attract more tourists and indirectly maximize the profit in small cottage industry; especially Kishuthara.
Khoma gewog has around 320 household but only 273 households live there since many have migrated to urban regions.
Though Kishuthara is the main occupation for the community they supplement it with agriculture activities and livestock farming.
(Thinley Wangmo)

Gewog presents its development wishlist
The Doongtoed gewog has proposed for numerous development plans since the gewog is deprived of many facilities. Farm roads, electricity installment, proper drinking water supply; none of which are currently available, feature into the list.
The Doongtoed gup, Kamal Singh Rai, without road connectivity the other development activities in the gewog have been stalled. He said that without roads, the material for construction works cannot be transported to the respective sites.
The approved proposal for Gewog Connectivity Road (GCR) which began few months ago that would connect Dorokha and Doongtoed is currently on hold. Only 17 out of 24 kms GCR is cleared till date due to limited budget and would be operational from December.
Along with the GCR development activities the gewog Community School will be upgraded to Lower secondary School. With 295 students and 11 teachers in the Community School it has become necessary to upgrade.
The completion of all the proposed development activities would benefit about 320 households in Doongtoed gewog.
(Tanden Zangmo)

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