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Electrification delayed

People in the gewog are more or less content with the progress of ongoing general development activities however a village Lungnyiri under Dungmaed is yet to complete its electrification project

Most areas under Pemagatshel have nevertheless been electrified.

In 2010 the government had awarded the work to a private contractor, but according to the gup the electrification process is still not completed despite all these years. The local people in the village have also worked in this project since its start but they say that the contractor has not paid their wages regularly let alone complete the village electrification project.

The village has 58 households.

(Yeshey Tshewang)


Water sources at the door steps

Lunaps will no longer have to fetch water and store in jerry cans, which otherwise has been a steadfast norm compelled by conditions dictated solely by its remoteness from all things modernized.

According to the Lunana Gup Gyenpo Tshering the gewog has already completed the paper works to provide water sources to the gewog households.

“Most of the spring water sources are about 20 minutes walk from home and people have to fetch water and store it for the day’s consumption,” he added.

Providing water sources to five chiwogs with a total of 160 Lunana households is part of the 10th Five year plan and a Nu 8mn budget has been allotted for it.

Works started yesterday with proper tendering process and with a qualified engineer.

The gewog plans to complete the work within a month and make water sources accessible to all the houses.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Training program for gewog authorities 

A training program organized by the Department of Local Governance (DLG) for the local authorities in Paro dzongkhag has begun starting from the Wangchang gewog.

The training is mainly aimed to enable local authorities such as the Gup, Gewog Administration Officers and other officials to draft development policies for the 11th Five Year Plan which won’t have any negative impact on the environment.

Some of the specific areas of stress for discussions will be construction of farm roads and other structures which normally have a great deal of impact on the environment around the gewog.

The training in Wangchang gewog will last two days. The same will be conducted for all the other gewogs as well. The training initiated by a private consultant is monitored financially by the DLG.

(Yeshey Tshewang)

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