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Minor cyclone hits gewog

A minor cyclone hit the gewog and uprooted the roofs of four houses and destroyed their staple food maize.

The cyclone hit Chhimoong on 29 September

Gup Sonam Tshewang said that there were nobody was injured but houses have been destroyed.

“We have informed the Dzongkhag and they have promised insurance and also the affected with CGI sheets very soon,” he said.

Although help is confirmed from the dzongkhag, villagers will still have to manage with a poor maize cultivation.

Maize is the staple food for Chhimoong gewog of 197 households.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Gewog heads for a makeover

Umling community with 434 households plans to reshuffle all the institutes and business sectors in its town.

The gewog’s gup Ugyen Norbu said the town is currently clustered with School, Basic Health Unit (BHU), shops and Lhakhang and it will be rearranged and planned for better allocation.

“The proposal is passed to Dzongkhag level and they have supported us with it,” said the Gup.

With regards to the town, the BHU and the School will exchange their locality. This was confirmed when the Health Minister Zanglay Drukpa visited the gewog.

“The Minister had even declared for a new hospital for the gewog,” said the Umling Gup.

Meanwhile the cadastral survey which started on 17 August is underway in the gewog.

The Umling Gup said the survey is going smoothly save for a few minor issues. Nevertheless it has been at the gewog level with the help of land committee and surveyors.

 (Thinley Wangmo)


Wangphoong still deprived of a farm road

Residents in the localities face many inconveniences especially procurement of materials for development activities in the absence of a motorable road or a farm road.

Gup Sangay Tenzin said that by June 2013 the gewog will have farm road connectivity. “Around 9 km of road construction is completed and 24 km is to be completed,” he said.

The Gup said they have road facilities from Samdrup Jongkhar till Gomdar gewog. From Gomdar gewog people have to walk for more than four hours for about 23 kms.

“Thankfully in the absence of road facilities, the gewog has water facilities right at their doorsteps,” he added.

The gewog has two schools which teaches till the sixth grade and has day scholar facilities.

(Thinley Wangmo) 

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