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Gewog speeds up works, govt. steps in for farm road

Gozhi gewog has sped up works to complete their development activities before the deadline of 31 December.

Gup Prem Kumar Dahal said the work will definitely start by this month and end as soon as possible since the 2013 elections might create delays in the gewog’s development activities.

Therefore the feasibility survey for the maintenance of the irrigation channel is already done and the tendering process for the 800 m farm road is yet to be done.

“The Farm road was constructed by the public but its condition deteriorated to its worst and people couldn’t afford its maintenance so Government is funding it,” he said.

Around Nu 0.5mn is allotted for the road construction and the farm road is mainly for the middle Gozhi which has more than 45 households.

However for 365 households there will be extra three irrigation channels to cultivate winter crops and oranges.

The irrigation channels are funded by Decentralization Rural Developmental projects (DRDP). The budget allotted for the irrigation channel is around Nu 1.5mn.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Gewog buzzing with activities

The gewog is busy with the ongoing works which includes constructions as well as maintenance works at various places.

The ongoing activities include a five km road in Tsango village which is 35 kms away from Khoma. About two kms of road has been completed.

Gup SitharTshering said the remaining will be completed within this year.

A toilet would be constructed at every Outreach Clinics (ORC) such as Tsango, Pangkhar and Nyalam, one toilet each.

The Gup said construction of Basic Health Unit (BHU) as well as staff quarters and toilets in Gangla Khema is also underway. Gangla Khema is 13 kms away from the Gewog Center (GC). The construction work started in February 2012 and is expected to complete in 2013.

The budget allocated for the construction is about Nu 9mn. The BHU will benefit some 70 households.

A government-funded construction of a bridge is underway Between Gonpa Karpo and Khoma. Also, an 11 km bridge from Gangla Khema and Khoma is under construction with a budget of Nu 1.1mn.

Maintenance works are in progress on three Lhakhangs and a seven km farm road from Khoma to Pangkhar. Mule tracks of around 11 kms at two places are also under construction.

(Tashi Deki)


Kanglung Shedra’s Kurims for all sentient beings

Kanglung Thubtenling Choekorling Shedra will start its annual Drubchen on Monday and it will last for a week.

According to Monk Kinzang the annual Drubchen was conducted mainly to protect the Country and for the well being of all sentient beings.

The 5th reincarnation of Terton Jigme Lingpa’s son PedseyLing Rinpoche will also attend the Drubchen along with four Trulkus and two Khenpos.

More than 250 monks will attend the ceremony and the rituals will be conducted 24 hours a day.

“We will have to perform rituals starting from 3 AM and have to continue till next morning,” he said. However the monks will get two hours of break.

The community will be bestowed with blessings from Rinpoche and several mask dances will be performed.

The Kanglung community and Sherubtse College faculty will also participate in the Drubchen and perform Cultural shows.

Apart from cultural shows they will contribute to provide free food and tea.

(Thinley Wangmo)

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