From Gewogs and Dzongkhags

Athang people wish for a road

The financial crunch at Air The absence of a proper road in two chiwogs in lower Athang has time-tested the will and patience of the villagers while three chiwogs have never seen a road going out or coming into their villages. The road in lower Athang was constructed since ten years back but it is still without a bridge.

“A 10 km road was allocated in the Tenth Five Year Plan, but the budget was not approved”  said Athang Gup, Khandu.

Road connectivity would benefit the 20 villages with a  population of 1800 and most importantly it would help to increase the income of the people with the sale of crops to the nearest markets.

“One school at the gewog was closed down while students in other school are having trouble in crossing the river and passing through dense forest” added the Gup Athang Gewog has five chiwogs.    (Dawa Zangmo)


Income will come along the road

A five km farm road was completed recently with a budget of Nu one million, while four and a half Km of farm road is under way in Dangchu Gewog.

The Dangchu Gup, said completion of the road would help villagers to boost their income and living standard as they will be able to sell dry chilies and potatoes to the market.

The road will also make it easier for students to walk to their schools because during monsoon season the foot path becomes muddy.

Spill over of three Lhakhangs’ constructions  are also under construction with almost Nu 3mn budget allocation.“We are also working on the 11th Five Year plan “said Dangchu Gup, Sonam Dorji.

(Dawa Zangmo)


Nomadic Narops receive land kidu

After seven years of appeal, 92 household got khimtsa (Land around house) of 50 decimal in Naro on 25th May from His Royal Highness Prince Jigme Dorji Wangchuk.

These group of people had tsamdro with thousand cattle, which was not suitable to construct house and grow vegetable for livelihood and sustainability.

The land was provided to the community as a kidu under the Royal command of His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Road will bring light and trade to community

With Gomphu-Panbang highway passing through the heart of the gewog, people are highly optimistic of the development prospective it will bring.  The highway construction which has reached a place called Gramladhut heralds major socio-economic development in the gewog. For instance, Goshing gewog is the Mandarin hotspot. People there have been selling Mandarin to the nearest town at Mathanguri, near Indian border. The Goshing residents will no longer have to carry the oranges on their backs to sell, when the road is complete. People can sell the fruits right from their orchards. The money earned from the sale of fruits, is spent to buy basic household essentials such as salt Kerosene, rice, dry chilies, dry fish, vegetable oil and others.   The bifurcation road to connect the gewog center is under construction and it has currently reached Goshing Trong while works are in full swing to install electric poles. The aluminum wires which crisscross the Goshing sky are a major hope for the people who look forward to live in a well-lit village. The stretching of electric lines is being done from both sides. The one coming from Gomphu has reached Kodong, while that from the opposite has reached Limapong.

The gewog has access to B-mobile services, made available almost two years ago while the TashiCell services have just reached Panbang, a 4 hours walk from the gewog.

(Tanden Zangmo)

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