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Enhancing the enrolment and quality education

The dzongkhag Administration in Gasa with Policy and Planning Division (PPD), Ministry of Education (MoE) completed a meet to discuss proposal for enhancing the enrolment and quality of education in Lunana Community Primary School (CPS).

The enrolment and quality of education is reported to be very low in Lunana and few proposals to increase and improve the quality education have been made.

One major requirement in Lunana which the team proposed is to open an ECR at Mendralthang in Tshogdzong chiwog as such proposal to open one ECR at Lunana is not in the 10 FYP. The dzongkhag has decided to drop some of the activities and open one ECR to increase the enrolment in Lunana CPS.

Mendralthang is located between Tshogdzong and Thangza where most of the Lunaps live. The present school at Lhedi is a day’s walk from these two villages and parents are reluctant to admit their children to school.

(Tanden Zangmo)


Lhakhang rabney in Gosarling

Gosarling gewog has a new lhakhang with the completion its Suntolay lhakhang which was built last year with a budget of Nu 0.1mn and the lhakhang’s rabney will be held at the end of this month.

The development and the maintenance of the construction are still under process.

A one km farm road from Lower Lobsibotay to lower Pemathang is under maintenance with the allocated budget of Nu 1mn.

The Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS), 17kms in Pelriphang is under maintenance with the budget of Nu 1.07mn allocated.

The Gewog’s Community Primary School (CPS) is also under construction which will be operational by December 2012 and the budget used is the central budget.

(Sonam Wangmo)


Development works pending.

Development works underway in Darla gewog in Chukha. The Gewog has otherwise completed the Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) schemes in Norgaytode, Sinchula and Gamanang with the budget of Nu 0.4mn.

The earthquake on 18 September, 2011 had destroyed the main water source and the maintenance is ongoing.

Maintenance works on a 1.5 Kilometers farm road in Tabji is underway which includes clause ways and machinery line drains and the budget used is Nu 1.1mn. A small community lhakhang built involved a budget of Nu 0.7mn just for the materials and then for the skilled labors.

The people in the gewog benefit hugely from lhakhang as it is central for life in the village.

According to the Gup the pending works will be completed by June, next year and the budget will be used from the fiscal year 2012-2013.

(Sonam Wangmo)

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  1. Re: Education in Lunana

    The school in Lheydi, Lunana, can open only around May/June due to snow-bound Gangla Karchung and Gangzhula passes. Then it closes in October/November. So, how can the children compete with those in other parts of Bhutan that go to school for about 9 months? Naturally enrollment and quality of education would be low. IMHO, a better solution would be to have a winter school near Goen Shari or Ramena or some such place so that the children can still learn during the rest of the school year. Having an ECR in Tshozhong would help some, but it is still not a lasting solution to deal with the very short school year.

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