From Gewogs and Dzongkhags

Community constructs cowsheds to up dairy production

In the interest of cleanliness while rearing cattle and with an objective to improve the dairy products Chongshing gewog built 10 cowsheds for five selected chiwogs.

The gewog’s Gup Pema Dorji said it’s a pilot project but soon with the help of government’s budget the gewog will build more cowsheds for the villagers.

“Unlike in the past villagers now rear few cattle but it’s important to keep the sheds clean and build them faraway from where people live,” said Gup Pema.

The sheds have been constructed with proper foundation and roofed with CGI sheets. This arrangement would keep cattle safe from heavy rainfall and it is easier to be washed regularly.

The gewog for the 11th Five Year Plan decided to build milk booths in their gewog so that villagers can earn better income from livestock farming.

Today 249 households get sufficient income from livestock farming but with this booth the community can earn more and have a viable commercial business.

(Thinley Wangmo)



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