From Gewogs and Dzongkhags

Gewog carries out series of maintenance activities

Seven kilometers of farm road is still under maintenance in the gewog which will be completed by next month.

The gewog’s irrigation channel is under maintenance in the many areas of Daukhola (seven and half kilometers), Changey (five kilometers), Ramdhingey (three kilometers), Bangtrakhulo (four and half kilometers), Nimreykhulo (six kilometers) Tulokhola (five kilometers) with a budget of Nu 0.3mn in total.

Other development activities in the gewog are maintenance of community primary school (CPS) and rural water supply scheme (RWSS) with the budget of Nu 700,000 which will be completed by next month.

(Sonam Wangmo)


Done with irrigation and farm road maintenance

Countdown begins for Gozhi gewog as it rushes to complete its developmental activities to meet the 31 December deadline.

The work started about three months ago.

In his earlier interview Gup Prem Kumar Dahal said the work should finish as soon as possible since the 2013 election might delay the gewog activities.

A feasibility survey to construct irrigation channel was completed and construction works have already started. Even the tendering process for the 800m farm road is also done.

“The Farm road was constructed by public but the condition was bad and public couldn’t afford to maintain it again so Government is funding them,” he said.

Around Nu 0.5mn is allotted for the road construction and the farm road is mainly for middle Gozhi which has more than 45 households.

For 365 households there will be extra three irrigation channels to cultivate winter crops and oranges. The irrigation channels are funded by Decentralization Rural Developmental projects (DRDP). The budget allotted for the irrigation channel is around 1.5mn.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Ninth national sports meet at Tsirang

Some 370 students from seven regions gathered this year for the ninth national sports meet at Damphu High School, Tsirang.

The groups of students competed in a variety of games such as Basket ball, Volley ball, Table tennis, Badminton and Chess organized by department of School games and Sports Division under Ministry of Education.

Earlier, many national sports meet were conducted in Punakha but this time it is scheduled in Tsirang due to the Wang ceremony in progress at Punakha. Finals were played yesterday and the sports meet concludes today with the awards and certificates.

The event started from 22 December with an opening ceremony by the Education Minister and it will end on 26 December.

Just to witness the event, some people even travelled from Gelephu and Samtse. The event is an annual event.

(Tashi Deki)

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