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Pemathang to complete all activities by this month

The gewog will complete developmental activities for this financial year by the end of January. The on-going activities include construction of protection wall for an irrigation channel, and a gewog meeting hall.

The two schemes of Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) have been completed recently.

Renovation of two schemes of RWSS are done at Metothang chiwog and Pemathang chiwog and the budget allocated for the RWSS are Nu 98, 000 and Nu 548, 000 respectively. And this will benefit  some 125 households in the gewog.

Construction of protection wall for irrigation channel from Dumpha to Shillingay under Metothang chiwog is underway. Completion of the wall would benefit some 150 households.

The budget allocated for the construction is Nu 716,000 and construction is expected to be completed by this week.

Construction of the gewog’s meeting hall will be the last one to be completed and it is targeted to be completed by the last week of this month.

The budget for the meeting hall is Nu 2.3mn.

The gewog has 301 households.

(Tashi Deki)


Still under construction

Two kilometers of Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) is under maintenance in Kangpar and Zordung chiwog with a budget of Nu 500,000.

The stream production in the Gewog which is divided into three parts in Gurfu, Pangusa and Phazhinang is also under construction. The budget allocated for the works is Nu 90,000 and it will be completed this month.

The irrigation channel in the gewog is under renovation with the amount of Nu 1mn and the gewog’s cremation ground is under construction with the budget of Nu 1.1mn.

Meanwhile, the other developmental activities in the gewog are in progress.

(Sonam Wangmo)



Left with Inauguration ceremony for their new Conference hall

The Dakarla community now has a venue and structure to hold gatherings with their newly completed conference hall which will accommodate around 100 people.

The construction was completed in the month of June and Dakarla awaits the inauguration.

The people till now didn’t have a proper place to conduct gatherings and trainings. The Dakarla Gup said that to conducting meetings in an open space is sometimes unmanageable as the weather is unpredictable.

He said they had to cancel important meetings when there was heavy rainfall and snowfall, moreover the gewog is mostly windy.

Construction of the hall was allocated Nu 2.1mn. The hall is under construction and will be complete in the month of June.

The conference hall will be used to conduct all kind of farmer-related trainings, agriculture, livestock and forestry trainings and gewog meetings.

(Thinley Wangmo)


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