From Gewogs and Dzongkhags

Gewog aspires to have Militia equipments for Volunteers

Even with a continuous volunteer system in place in the gewog many problems still arise and volunteers remain helpless without proper militia equipments.

“Our volunteers without any delay  stand ready to protect the community but abductors from nowhere come and abduct our people,” the Gewog Gup Nim Dorji Sherpa said. He said that the unarmed volunteers remain hamstrung. To be vigilant and extra careful one should keep an eye on harmful people.

“Forget about guns, our volunteers don’t even have binoculars to see what is happening in  the isolated jungles,” he added.

“Even though the gewog had only one abduction case, from Sarpang Dzongkhag, around three people have been kidnapped,” he said.

Therefore volunteers in the gewog remain apathetic and unenthusiastic in their work.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Samtenling speeding up on developmental activities

The gewog could not meet the deadline for its developmental activities which was set for the month of December 2012.

Samtenling Gup Karma Galey said people got involved with the paddy cultivation as well as growing vegetables.

Now the gewog is back with the developmental activities and all the remaining works are to be completed by this month.

The on-going works are under progress at the Samtenthang chiwog. The activities include maintenance of a five kilometer farm road in Samtenthang. Almost 80% of the works are completed and the budget allocated for the farm road is Nu 0.8mn. It will benefit about 19 households.

Maintenance of one Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) is almost completed with a budget of Nu 0.5mn. While only 30% of work is done in construction of an irrigation channel with a budget of Nu 0.7mn.

The construction of a Community Centre is also expected to be completed by this month.

The gewog has more than 290 households.

(Tashi Deki)

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