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Bolero to boost income for dairy association in Orong

Orong Gewog’s Mar-Datsi Thuendrel Tshogpa under Samdrup Jongkhar with a newly bought Bolero pick-up truck hopes to serve their customers more efficiently.

The Bolero was bought with the income generated from the dairy products. The Tshogpa is confident to supply the products in broader market in Samdrup Jongkhar.

Orong Gup Khawjay said the vehicle will definitely help boost their business.

The vehicle Bolero popularly known as Sharchop Hilux (Toyota pick-up truck) in eastern Bhutan will make daily trips to Samdrup Jongkhar to reach dairy products produced by the Orong community.

The people are hopeful that their income will improve with such initiatives of the organization.

(Ugyen Dorji)


 Farm road for the Layaps linger for NEC clearance

The survey for the farm road in Laya gewog is completed but works are on hold on account of the National Environment Commission (NEC) who haven’t given the go-ahead.

“We don’t see any disturbance to ecosystem due to road construction, as long as it is not intentionally done,” said Laya Gup, Kinley Dorji

The 40 km farm road from Gasa to Tongzhida which has been budgeted for Nu 30mn will start in July.  The Layaps see the farm road as their door to connect to the outside world, which will make their lives much easier.

“Laya Gewog has seven chiwogs comprising 204 households and 1100 residents, who utterly rely on high altitude products,” said Laya Gup, Kinley Dorji.

The farm road is expected to  be completed by the end of this year and the gewog will be electrified by the end of this year.

(Dawa Zangmo)


 Development activities of fourth financial year completed

The development activities in the gewog for the year 2011 to 2012 have been completed as of 16 June whereas some are underway.

Construction of two five km farm roads in the gewog have been completed. The budget for the farm road construction is about Nu 4mn.

Five schemes of Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) and three parts of irrigation channels have been completed.

Out of two Lhakhang renovations, one has been completed and the other is yet-to-be completed.

For the agriculture purpose, seeds have been provided to the people and plantations are on-going. And materials for the construction of cow sheds have been provided.

For the agriculture, forest and livestock, the budget is one million from the CDG budget.

The gewog has about 685 households. (Tashi Deki)


Gasa cut-off by flood

Khamaed gewog under Gasa dzongkhag experienced major landslide and flood on the morning of 20 June at around 2 am.

Kabena and Zomina suffered severe damages and two main bridges located in Nashekha and Phuntshogang were washed away.

Gewog Gup Karma Tshering said Gasa might be cut-off from rest of the regions for about a month since 100m of road between Tashithang and Damji was washed away.

“There were several sites where landslides occurred and around three houses collapsed,” said a Teacher from Bjishong.

Nevertheless there were no casualties and people were asked to vacate the area and move to a safer area.The work to reconstruct the bridges and road can be done only after the rain stops or subsides. Since there is continuous rainfall it has become impossible for people to travel.

(Thinley Wangmo)

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