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Community in Ganglakhema gets road

The road for Ganglakhema chiwog under Khoma gewog finally finished construction last week. The road works started in 2011.

The community did not have road facilities and they had to travel on horseback or walk on foot.

“It used to take them more than 24 hours to reach their destiny,” said the Gewog Gup Sithar Tshering. Now with the 13 km road, people will reach places within three hours.

The Gewog gup said that there was a delay in the construction since there was heavy rainfall and many areas were slashed-off due to landslides.

The budget allocated for the road construction was more than Nu 1mn.

Meanwhile the gewog is constructing another road for Tshengo gewog, which will be completed within the next four months.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Maintenance works underway on irrigation channels, RWSS and farm roads

Maintenance works on irrigation channels, Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) and farm roads are underway in the gewog.

Maintenance works on irrigation channels are in progress at Wambur, Domkhar and Umling. Around 170 households will benefit from these works.

The budget allocated for irrigation channels is about Nu 0.7mn.

Three schemes of RWSS maintenance are also underway at Dagarthang, Kharbu and Jalamyog and completion of the works will be benefit around 66 households. The budget allocated for this is close to Nu 0.7mn.

The gewog’s Gup Tsheten Wangdi said, as of yet “Around 90% of the work of irrigation channel as well as RWSS has been completed”.

A new construction of RWSS is underway at Namdreling Gonpa with the budget of around Nu 0.6mn and as of now about 50% of work has been completed. The beneficiaries include around 150 people at the place.

Likewise, maintenance of farm roads is in progress at three different places such as Autsho-Tshochen, Umling-Domkhar and Patpachhu-Khablang.

In total maintenance of farm roads comes to around 40 kms.

At the same time, a new construction of Phawan-Bangtsho farm road of 300 meters is also underway and around 20% of the work has been completed.

The budget estimated for the construction is Nu 1mn.

(Tashi Deki)


New day care center for gewog kids

A new day care center school has been newly constructed in the Gewog for the kids who are in the age range of three to five years.

The construction was done with a budget of Nu 40,000.

Gup Tshewang Rinzin said, “It is very good to have this type of a small kindergarten school for the small kids in the Gewog as they can get extra exposure and learn various things”.

Meanwhile, development activities in the Gewog are underway such as the maintenance works and constructions like the 15 kilometer farm road in Lingar chiwog. The budget allocated for the work is Nu 900,000.

A new wall has been constructed for the lhakhang with a budget of Nu 400,000. The gewog’s schools are also under maintenance with the budget of Nu 570,000

The gewog’s basic health unit (BHU) has been constructed with the budget of Nu 8mn.

(Sonam Wangmo)

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