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All developmental activities in progress

With a budget of Nu 0.3mn, eight kilometers of farm road in Theisa chiwog is still under construction. The gewog’s 20.4 kilometers center road (GCD) is also under construction with the allocated budget of Nu 20mn in Puntshogang primary school.

The Rural water supply scheme (RWSS) is under maintenance with the budget of Nu 1.5mn. The outreach clinic (ORC) in Baalung chiwog is also under construction with the budget of Nu 500,000 and the gewog’s people are eagerly waiting for the completion of the new ORC.

(Sonam wangmo)


Three farm roads proposed for 11th FYP

Kangpar gewog which recently got a farm road, proposed three more farm roads for their gewog.

According to Gewog Gup Chempa Dorji Kangpar village got their farm road in the month of December, last year.

However the other villages are still not accessible to road facilities and local people there usually use primitive modes of transportation. Therefore for the 11th Five Year Plan, roads for Kangpar to Threyphu, Bumshari to Pasaphu and Bidungphu to Lamigoenpa have been proposed.

Kangpar gewog has 481 households, and with these proposed roads more than 300 households will  be benefitted. The dzongkhag saw road facilities as a necessity for the gewog.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Speeding up on the last three activities

The gewog is speeding up activities on the last three developmental works for the last financial year. It includes five schemes of Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS), one irrigation channel and a river protection wall.

Developmental activities for this financial year were expected to complete by December last year but the gewog could not make the deadline. Now works are targeted to be complete by end of March, this year.

On-going works on RWSS are underway at five different places such as Uttary, Bastar, Titi, Pagli and Sukpi. In total, this will cover around 50 households which benefit from the Nu 1mn-budgeted developmental activities.

The Construction of a 2.3 kilometer irrigation channel is underway at Dolamthang village which has 47 households. The budget allocated for the irrigation channel is Nu 1.7mn.

The last of the developmental works include a river protection wall which will benefit some 12 households. The budget allocated for it is Nu 2.6mn.

(Tashi Deki)


Gewog completes developmental activities

The farm road from Mendigang chiwog to Barshong chiwog with 11.62 kilometers has been constructed with the budget of Nu 1.84mn.

The irrigation channels, under the 10th five year plan had been constructed with Nu 1.1mn from the gewog’s budget.

The rural water supply scheme (RWSS) from Barshong mey, toed and to Gangtokha has also been renovated. The gewog’s new multi-purpose hall (MPH) has also been constructed with the budget allocated of Nu 2.1mn.

Other activities such as electricity wiring for the committee meeting hall, Gewog office and for the lhakhang are done. The budget allocated for these works was Nu 300,000.

(Sonam Wangmo)



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