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5 New irrigation channels for Gewog

The Guma gewog is constructing five irrigation channels for its four chiwogs.  By mid-summer Lhakug chiwog and Phulingsum chiwog will get their irrigation channels.

Construction works commenced January, 2013 and the gewog officials hope to complete it by June.

According to Guma Gewog Gup Namgay Tshering the budget allotted for the construction of the irrigational channel is more than Nu 1 mn.

The main agricultural activity of the gewog is paddy cultivation while some households even practice horticulture.

The completion of the construction of irrigation channel would immensely benefit around 70 households.

(Sangay Chenzom)


Remote village in Khaling will get cantilever bridge soon

The construction of cantilever bridge (Tingzam) in Liza village under Khaling gewog has started and is expected to be operational by the end of March this year.

Liza village is about five hours walking distance form Khaling town and it is one of the most remote villages under the gewog.

With no farm roads and bridges in the particular village people have been isolated from the rest of the villages. The recent Dzongkhag Yargay Tshogchung discussed about the need of a Tingzam.

According to the Khaling Gup Tashi Dorji the people have to risk their lives climbing ridges and crossing rivers. During summers rivers get swollen and people cannot travel even for emergency purposes.

He said that people of Liza village are unfortunate that they cannot grow any cash crops like other people who are facilitated with farm roads and proper bridges.

A bridge is therefore a huge need to make the lives of the communities easier. The gewog proposed for the construction of Ting Zam that requires minimum budget.

The local people have volunteered to provide labor services for the construction of the bridge and the materials were purchased with the gewog budget.

(Tanden Zangmo)


Chiwog to Chiwog connection in the 11th FYP

For the 11th Five Year Plan (FYP) Drepong gewog will propose to connect all the chiwogs with farm roads.

According to the Gewog Gup Sangay Tenzin, the chiwogs are not connected with the farm roads though the proper gewog is connected. The gewog will also propose to connect with other gewogs.

To make transportation easy for all the Drepong community, the roads from  gewog would connect all the chiwogs and also other gewogs.

“We plan to connect our gewog with Thangrong Gewog and also connect the gewog with Mongar Dzongkhag,” he added.

At the moment the local community takes 3 days to reach outskirts of Thangrong and more than three days to reach the gewog from Drepong.

Meanwhile for the 10th FYP, almost all the developmental activities are completed except for the general maintenance of the gewog center road.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Gewog still working on some development activities

The gewog’s rural water supply scheme (RWSS) is still under construction in Darjeythang chiwog (two and half kilometers), Upper Pantharey Goan (three kilometers) and Gencholing chiwog (six kilometers).

The overall budget allocated for the construction is Nu 1.16mn.

Three kilometers of a farm land in Chaar chiwog is also still under construction with the budget of Nu 2.3mn.

Meanwhile, all other developmental activities have been completed in the Gewog such as community primary schools (CPS) and irrigation channels.

(Sonam Wangmo)


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