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Maintenance of farm roads

The developmental activities in Kilkhorthang gewog for the year started from January 2013.

The reconstructions of four farm roads in the gewog are in progress. Each farm road is five kms in length. Till date one km has been completed and three are underway. The construction of farm roads should be completed by June 2013.

The budget for the farm road reconstruction is about Nu 5.2mn.

The people are hopeful that their income will improve after the maintenance of the road. According to gup Tshewang Norbu the farm road will benefit more than 300 households   of the Salami and Dunglagang gewogs.

(Sangay Chenzom)


New developmental activities in the gewog

Four different rural water supply schemes (RWSS) in the gewog are still under construction in Umakhatey with 1.5 kilometers, Umakhamey with six kilometers, Takshasili with two kilometers and Sili with one kilometer.

The gewog’s community primary school (CPS) is also under renovation with the allocated budget of Nu 600,000.

The outreach clinics (ORC) in the gewog are also under renovation in Taksha, Geybakha and in Wookley chiwog with the budget of Nu 600,000.

An 11.5 kilometer farm land in Uma chiwog is also under construction with the budget of Nu1.9mn and 23 kilometers of field farm land in Taksha with the budget of Nu 68mn

(Sonam Wangmo)


Underway with farm road, crematorium and RWSS constructions

Zobel gewog is left with three developmental activities with a farm road, crematorium and Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) to be completed for this financial year.

The construction of a 7.8 kilometer farm road is underway. As of now the first cutting is in progress and about 95% of it has been completed. The budget allocated for the farm road is around Nu 6mn.

Completion of this Zobel farm road will benefit more than 60 households.

In Gonpa Singma (Leperi), construction of a crematorium is underway.

One scheme of RWSS construction is yet to start at Mani Gonpa which will benefit 15 households.

Recently two toilets have been completed in Ngangmalang Lhakhang and Resnang Lhakhang which will benefit 62 households and 32 households respectively.

Zobel gewog has around 390 households.

(Tashi Deki)


Nangla Gewog cuts down activities due to limited budget

Nangla gewog had numerous developmental activities planned for the 11th Five Year Plan (FYP) but their budget ceiling has reduced the planned activities.

The Gewog Gup Rinchen Wangdi said that the budget allotted for each gewog for the 11th FYP was Nu 38mn. However the Gup said that they have prioritized the most important activities for the 11th FYP.

“Our main activities were construction of farm roads and to boost developmental activities,” he added.

Meanwhile the gewog has started construction on a 6km farm road for Marang and Yudung villages. At the moment these villages don’t have road facilities and they have to walk by foot or travel on horseback which takes them more than two hours.

“More than 15 households will benefit when the road facilities are accessible to these villages,” said the Gup.

(Thinley Wangmo)






All development activities started in the Gewog

Seven kilometers of farm road in the Gewog from Tsankha to Tichghari is still under construction with the budget of Nu 2.5mn.

An old rural water supply scheme (RWSS) in Babethang is also under maintenance with the allocated budget of Nu 50, 000.

Tsangkha lhakhang’s new Kitchen and the store room constructions are also underway with the budget of Nu 500,000.

Other developmental activities in the gewog are also in progress such as the maintenance of the gewog’s administrative office. The budget allocated for it is Nu 400,000.

(Sonam wangmo)

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