From Gewogs and Dzongkhags

Development activities completed in the gewog

A new Outreach Clinic (ORC) has been newly constructed in the gewog with the budget of Nu 130,000.

The rural water supply scheme (RWSS) which was under maintenance in Zemto, Tshioto and Goempa chiwogs has finally been constructed with the gewog’s administrative budget.

The gewog has also received the internet access for the people and mainly for the students. The irrigation channels are still under the maintenance and the households of the gewog await its completion.

The primary school of the gewog is also under maintenance.

(Sonam Wangmo)

 Naro’s developmental works held for time being

With chunks of snow fall and ice still found lying around the place in Naro, the gewog is waiting for the snow to melt in order to start their developmental works in the gewog.

The gewog is left with construction of 7-feet long and 5 meter tall wooden bridge at Walithang and a 25 kilometers mule track from Panglaykachu to Zomphu.

Gup Wangchuk said as of now machines are not able to work because of cold and only after the ice gets melted, the work will be started.

He also added that both the works will be completed by the end of May.

Completion of wooden bridge construction will benefit all the five chiwogs and the budget allocated for construction of wooden bridge comes to more than NU 0.1mn. A finished mule track will also benefit some 18 households.

(Tashi Deki)


New farm road is about to be completed

A new farm road is under construction in Sangkha chiwog which started in December 2012.

The farm road should be complete in April 2013. And the budget allocated for the farm road is Nu 4.6mn.

Gakiling gewog gup Nima Tshering Sherpa said the new farm road in Sangkha chiwog will bring changes for the people in Sangkha chiwog like bringing improvement in agricultural practices.

Besides, the road will benefit more than 32 households.

(Sangay Chenzom)


New bridges for gewog

Two new bridges and a farm road will soon be constructed in Bumdeling  gewog.

In Tau, a 75 meter suspension bridge is under construction at Kholong chhu and one in Tadli is also underway. The new bridges are about 30 meters and the budget allocated together is Nu 2.9mn.

The suspension bridges works started in January 2013 and should be completed by June 2013. It is funded by Suspension bridge Headquarters. The two bridges will benefit the people under Bumdeling gewog, six households who are yak herders and also the Royal Bhutan Army (RBA).

Road widening from Dungsum to Pangmangdeng is also under construction. It is about 7 kms and is funded by Dzongkhag and it will benefit sixty households.

(Sangay Chenzom)


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