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Landslide takes gewog’s only connection outside

Heavy landslides washed away a 60 meter bridge in Dangchu gewog.

“The bridge which connects 130 households was the villagers’ only connection to the outside world,” said Gup Sonam Dorji.

Though the bridge is 80 m high from the river the landslide was very big. The gewog Administration informed the Department of Road (DoR) but there’s nothing it can do.

The 60 meter bridge was built two years ended the isolation of Dangchu Gewog and  changed their lives in terms of convenience as it brought forth many services.

Dangchu Gewog has five chiwogs with a population of 4000.

(Dawa Zangmo)


IT Learning Centers for TTIs

IT learning centers have been launched at Samthang Institute of Automobile Engineering (SIAE) in Wangduephodrang yesterday.

The labor minister launched the event.

The center was funded by National Institute of Information technology, India under the Chiphen Rigpel project.

According to the official from SIAE they received 30 computers with internet facilities. They have even facilitated with two faculty one counselor and one mechanic assistant.

Today SIAE has 135 students and they would have atleast four hours in a week to learn IT skills.

Similarly Institute of Zorig Chhusum in Trashiyangtse and Sarpang Institute of Civil Engineering under Sarpang Dzongkhag had launched yesterday.

The information and communications minister was the Chief Guest at the Serzhong Institute of Civil Engineering and the Labor Secretary was the Chief Guest at the Trashiyangtse Institute of Zorig Chusum.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Mild cases of Vitamin Deficiency seen in eight students

Eight students from Sarpang high school were reported for vitamin deficiency with mild symptoms of leg swelling, pain and cramps.

The School said it was not happening for the first time, these students said to have problem previously.

However, Sarpang hospital says they are given Vitamin B complex. School authority was also advised to check on diet of these students.

The cases started to come a week ago. “Two girls who were also suffering from the diseases were excluded after their symptoms subsided,” the Sarpang hospital said.

The students are in the age range of 7 to 22.

Doctors said the students have symptoms from last year. “It was on and off”

All the students are in stable conditions as of now and they are able to attend their regular classes.

(Tashi Deki)

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