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Households say received insurance payments is not enough

Around 200 households under the Bji gewog has successfully received insurance for damages caused by the September earthquake to their homes last year.

However the gup said that the amount the people received was not enough to rebuild their houses. Each household was granted Nu100, 000 each which was supposed to be the fair amount considering the damages the disaster management department studied.

The gup said that these houses would at least cost around Nu 900, 000 to be either repaired or reconstructed. However the Kidu granted by His majesty the king has been fully received and people are grateful for his majesty’s generosity.

The total insurance amount received by the people in the Bji gewog collectively amounted to Nu10.76mm.

(Yeshey Tshewang)


Lhakhang construction fastened with Gewog’s initiative

The construction of the Zabsel Lhakhang under the khatoed gewog which began in April last year is nearing completion and would be done early next month.

The government initially had allocated Nu 400,000 for its renovation but when the actual works began the lhakhang had to be reconstructed from the base. Although the government did not allot additional budget, the gewog authorities decided to allocate a certain sum to complete the whole construction.

According to the Gewog gup Pema Dorji more than Nu 1mn had to be invested in the whole construction. The lhakhang is located around five hours trek from the Gasa dzong and it is the only lhakhang for miles in the area. The gup said that once the construction is complete, they plan to hand it over to the Zhung dratshang as a drubdey.

(Yeshey Tshewang)


Gewog road to address all road maladies

The tendering process and the survey of the Gewog Connectivity Road (GCR) were completed earlier this month and the work will begin soon after the people of Phuentshogpelri are done with material collection.

The road would benefit people travelling from Samtse to Gelephu and also to Phuentsholing.

According to the Gup Bhim Bdr. Chhetri, the GCR would allow people to venture a secure and timely journey since the road would pass through country’s land. He said that the people are frequently stuck in the border strikes and travelling from the border areas has posed risk to the people. The completion of GCR would solve all these problems.

He said that the people are elated and they are currently working aggressively to collect the materials.

The GCR shall benefit 1,832 households in Phuentshogpelri Gewog.

(Tanden Zangmo)


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