From the Gewogs and Dzongkhags

Farm road spill over in next  FYP  

The gewog is planning to put up the construction of a 15-kilometer farm road between Atola and Tongkala in the next five year plan since it could not be completed due to budget constraints during the 10th FYP. The road will be benefit around 63 households.  (Tashi Deki)

Nu 0.4 mn enclosure for office building       

The building which houses the gewog administrative office and the Renewable Natural Resources center at Wangchang will now have a proper enclosure costing around Nu 0.4 mn. The authorities decided to build a wall around the office building following a few incidences when animals intruded the compound.  The enclosure is also meant to prevent theft and property damage.  (Yeshey Tshewang)    

Instead of school relocation, enclosure in the offing

Goenshari Primary school which was established in 1991 was planned to be relocated because the Mo Chhu on its side swells up in monsoon but now, the plans have been cancelled. Instead, the school will be upgraded with boarding facilities and protected by an enclosure.Students from nearby villages had to walk for one to two hours to reach the school and temporary huts  were being  built by some parents  for their children  as the school provides meals except dinner. Goenshari Gewog Administration Officer Sonam Gyeltshen said that after meetings with the public, the dzongkhag authorities decided to stick to the same location.  (Dawa Zangmo) 

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