From the Gewogs and Dzongkhags

Agriculture hampered by cadastral survey       

Villagers in Orong gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar are having a difficult time with the cadastral resurvey because they are already late with their agricultural works. It has been almost a month since the survey started and it is likely to take a few more weeks. The villagers are worried that this will cause further delay in farming activities. However, surveyors too are in a dilemma as no proper agreements between land owners who transacted land have been drawn. Some people who  sold their land are dead and kith and kin say that they don’t know whether the land was actually sold or not. The results of the survey have turned out to be a cause of discord among villagers. Orong Gup said that “there are problems being faced by the people but we have to follow the procedure set by the government.” (Uygen Dorji)

 Khaling Lower Secondary School celebrates Golden Jubilee      

The students and teachers of Khaling Lower Seconday School under Trashigang dzongkhag will be celebrating their Golden Jubilee today.  Students who graduated from Khaling will mark the occasion with the Dzongda presiding over as the chief guest.The day will be a public holiday and villagers under Khaling gewog  will partake in cultural shows. The school has received a contribution of about Nu 50,000 from the ex- students, with which the school   built a Mani Lhakor (small prayer wheel) and offered Lha Dar to mark the day. The school was founded by an Indian professor in 1961. At present, it has 18 teachers and 370 students . A total of 17 principals have served the school till date. (Tanden Zangmo)

Water reservoir wall and a mule track works to begin

People of Soe are determined to complete the 10th Five Year Plan works despite the harsh weather, said Soe gup Kencho Dorji.  At the moment, the government has supplied the gewog all the materials for maintaining the water reservoir which is in a poor state today. “We are concerned in maintaining the reservoir and fencing it since animals and cattle go there freely and dirty the drinking water,” said Kencho Dorji.Villagers in Soe gewog were concerned that they might fall sick due to cattle getting into the reservoir therefore a budget of Nu 1.5 mn was allocated by the government  to maintain the reservoir. Also Soe community is in dilemma whether to tender out the maintaining of the 12-km mule track or not since the villagers believe that the work would be accomplished faster if the project is implemented by  themselves. Around 250 people are there who will be benefit from the Nu 3.0 mn mule track.    (Thinley Wangmo)

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