From the Gewogs and Dzongkhags


Stop network problems, start CIC say the residents     

The construction of a Community Information Center (CIC) has been completed since last year but it has not started its functions. When the CIC starts, the village residents can avail IT enabled services such as photo copy, printing, internet etc. “Even Security Clearance can be acquired through internet,” the Gup added. However nothing has been done so far since its construction. Meanwhile residents have put the blame on the advent of the solar connections for the disturbance in fixed line and mobile connections. The gewog people said earlier there were no such problems when connections were made through the Towers. Gup Chempa Dorji of the gewog said the budget is planned in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. “Completion of tower and CIC would help to address these inconveniences,” the Gup said. (Tashi Deki)

Oranges return to Bongo

The villagers of Bongo gewog under Chukha Dzongkhag will finally grow oranges after 3 years. Previously most of the land in Bongo gewog was left barren and uncultivated as there was no production and land couldn’t be used for any agricultural products. The Bongo Gup, Tashi Dorji said that the villagers will be now given saplings of oranges and seedling of various crops and vegetables to cultivate. The barren land was cleared, burnt and left uncultivated for two to three years to regain fertility.                  (Sonam Choden)

Gewog receives maintenance budget  

With monsoon approaching, Kabesa Gewog has received Nu 600,000 as budget for the maintenance of a farm road from Sirigang to Kabesa Tongzhinang The budget is a kind of an exceptional allocation mainly aimed to improve the farm road during the rainy season when it becomes unfit for travel both for men and machines. At times it’s even dangerous for people to pass through as the road is extremely slippery. The Gewog Administration Officer (GAO) Jigme Samdrup said “this maintenance will help 60 to 70 households as they usually have to walk two to three hours to reach the nearest road point”. Tonzhinang is one of the remotest chiwogs in Kabesa gewog. (Dawa Zangmo)

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