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Works under CDG fund on the verge of completion
The constructions of a feeder road, drain and multipurpose hall at the chiwog centre are almost complete at Bji gewog in Haa Dzongkhag. The works are commissioned with the Nu 3mn budget from the Constituency Development Grant (CDG).
Bji gewog has five chiwogs with 279 households with a total population of 1800. Most of them struggle to transport their goods to the nearest market, so the completion of the road will greatly ease the situation which includes transportation fares.
“Within 20 days all the development activities will be completed and it will make a huge difference in the lives of the villagers,” said Bji Gup Ugyen.
The construction of multipurpose halls in the two chiwog centers will help people conduct meetings at any time to suit their conveniences, whereas currently the villagers have a tough time especially during winter as well as monsoon seasons.
(Dawa Zangmo)

Eight chortens to be renovated
The renovation of around eight chortens has started in Lango gewogs. All of the chortens are decades old and some have been vandalized in the past.
No new relics or treasures will be put inside the chortens this time for the reasons mentioned above. The budget for the renovation works will be allocated by the government, each chortens will be allocated Nu 20,000.
Aside from that the gewog has plans to repair some farm roads which have been badly damaged by the heavy rain fall. All these renovation and re-construction projects are part of the 10th five year plan’s development goals.
According to the gewog administration officer the renovation and repairing projects are some of the last development works of the 10th Five Year Plan’s development goal of the gewog.
(Yeshey Tshewang)

Damage repairs still on hold in Gasa
Gasa dzongkhag still remains largely cut-off since the last flashflood which damaged roads and other infrastructures.
However the Gewog Gup Kinley Dorji said that the tendering process for repair works would begin by the end of this month.
He said that work is delayed because Gasa is still not connected with road after the recent flood.
“The road gets blocked due to frequent rainfall and it’s of no use to clear the block,” he said.
The government’s attempt to provide electricity services to the region are evident in the wires stretching from the cliffs.
“Although the electric poles are ready, it is left with electric wires to be hanged,” the gup said.
Due to frequent delay in works contractors face problem to bring in equipments.
(Thinley Wangmo)

Three gewogs come together to renovate Lingzhi Dzong
Soe /Thimphu
Three remote gewogs of Thimphu will renovate the Lingzhi dzong which was destructed by the September 18 earthquake last year.
Around 20 people were sent to renovate the dzong.
“Five from Naro and Soe, 10 men from Lingzhi gewog have started works, “said Soe Gewog Gup Kencho Wangdi
The gup said the gewog had to manage laborers from within the communities due to lack of budget.
The Dzong would be constructed one storey shorter and all the important and significant Nang-tens will be preserved in one room to protect them, especially from rain
The maintenance work began on 15 August and would take another two weeks to finish.
(Thinley Wangmo)

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  1. Here the Bhutanese Paper hasnt gone in depth. This moneys are totally misused in Bji,Katsh and Esu Gewog. Misused in the sence it has not been properly used. There is no work plan. No drawings and specification of the proposed hall. With that money if its through Dzongkhag it would have given more importance than CDG. CDG at last MP have given money in lump sum to GUP who is not qualified and the Gup has distributed among Tshogpas most a purely Un educated. They has spent that money in Lhakhang renovation,community Hall,but by tendering it how much money have actually spent on particular work as amount itself is very less @ 400,000 to each chiwog. There is no proper book of accounts, no proper handing taking of the work, no proper site inspection or supervisior from gewog or Dzongkhag what ever done by the workers is final. If any one check those work after completion it will be no use for the community and after few year you can see the ruins of that works.

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