Fuel Depots have good stock of fuel and LPG

Fuel and LPGs are back in stock compared to a few days earlier which had resulted from some initial transport restrictions and the shortage of laborers.

According to the to the fuel and LPG depots personnel the stocks are selling out quickly. However, there have been no hassles in terms of transportation and things are proceeding as usual when it comes to delivery.

As of yesterday, BOD at Motithang had 23.621 Kiloliters (1 KL = 1,000 liter) of Petrol off the 35 KL capacity (20 KL + 15 KL), 19.940 KL of Diesel off the 20 KL tank capacity and 10.732 KL of kerosene off the 15 KL tank capacity.

Their distributor is from Raninagar in Siliguri. Their tanker driver, Milan Thapa said that currently while the transference of fuel from motor happens, the Indian counterpart has to go to dip-in to check the fuel. He said, “The police and others are doing their best to maintain physical distance”.

Personnel at the LPG outlet at Motithang said that they are currently having to deploy their staff from Phuentsholing office for unloading and loading works due to the shortage of manpower.

The new Fuel Retail Outlet at Ramtokto had 26.877 KL of Diesel off the tank capacity of 45 KL plus 35 KL and 32.436 KL of Petrol off the tank capacity of 35 KL plus 22 KL. They are expecting to restock today.

BOD outlet at Lungtenzampa had 70-80 % of the tank capacity occupied as per Wednesday’s report off the tank capacity of 90 KL for Petrol and 105 KL for diesel.

Damchen Petroleum reported to have 565 subsidized LPGs and 68 Non-subsidized LPGs, as for fuel, 36.285 KL Diesel at the Olakha depot off the tank capacity of 40 KL and 31.877 KL of petrol off the 35 KL capacity at the Olakha depot.

Changzamtog depot which holds the capacity of 20 KL Petrol and 50 KL diesel have similar ratio and proportion of stock. They said that, currently there are more incoming in transit.

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