Fuel shortage in Tashichhoeling creates hardships for residents

Residents of Tashichhoeling dungkhag are facing severe fuel shortages, particularly since the dungkhag which has five gewogs including 25 chiwogs and two neighboring gewogs share only one fuel depot operated by the Druk Petroleum Corporation Limited (DPCL).

The shortage of both diesel and petrol is causing significant inconvenience to the community.

A resident of Tashichhoeling gewog, Wangda, shared that the situation is worsened during rainy days when the tanker transporting oil is unable to cross the river, further limiting the availability of fuel.

He shared that the scarcity of fuel at the Tashichhoeling oil depot forces residents to endure frequent shortages, with oil being available only once a week. This shortage poses challenges during emergencies, as residents are forced to rely on alternative transportation methods, leading to delays in critical situations.

The fuel scarcity has prompted residents to travel long distances to the Samtse oil depot, located 50 kilometers away, where they often encounter long queues due to the high number of Indian vehicles seeking to refill oil.

He shared that this scenario not only prolongs the refilling process for local residents, but also highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the community.

The dungkhag gup said that the recurring fuel shortages were not there few years back, however, it might have been attributed by the growing population in the area.

Also, with only one fuel depot serving the region, the demand for fuel has surpassed the available supply, necessitating residents to seek fuel from distant locations and are helpless during emergencies.

In response to the crisis, residents of Tashichhoeling dungkhag are calling for the establishment of an additional fuel depot to alleviate the strain on the existing facility.

To address the fuel shortage the dungkhag has made proposals for setting up STCBL as the additional fuel deport.

The community remains hopeful for a swift resolution to the ongoing fuel crisis.

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