Game of stones in-play at Changlimithang

The first national Doegor (stone

A player throws his pair. Photo courtesy: Upasana Dahal
A player throws his pair. Photo courtesy: Upasana Dahal

throw) tournament started at the Changlimithang on 10th of April.

Doegor is a traditional Bhutanese

game played with a pair of spherical flag stones that are hurled at two targets (pegs) fixed in the ground at a distance of 27m apart. The size and weight of the stones differ from the player to player depending on their choice and strength.

The match ends on April 16th an

d the event is organized by Woezer events.

The target pegs are nailed to the
ground with their tips at ground level. The players try to make their stones land and remain closest to the target peg. A point is scored depending on the closest stone.


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