Garbage nightmare due to irregular waste collection and absence of waste bins

You will often bump into the residents in Changzamtog, Thimphu sneaking out, under the cover of night, to dump their wastes in illegal dumping areas in their vicinity. Add to that the strong winds and stray dogs, and the waste are scattered everywhere.

The situation is made worse due to missing mini green dustbins placed by Thromde in the neighborhood. Most of the shopkeepers and residents in Changzamtog said that they cannot manage the garbage pile as the garbage collection trucks fail to come on time. They blamed the irregularity of the truck picking up the garbage and absence of the green waste bins to contain the wastes.

A few of the Thromde road sweepers, who do not want to be named, said that they are having a tough time in managing the waste. “We sweep the road and clean it every day, only to find the place dirtied again the next day.”

A sweeper said that the people dump waste in every corner, making it difficult for them to keep the place clean. She added that the concerned agencies cannot trace the people dumping the waste as it is usually done in the evenings and late nights.

A Changzamtog resident, Sangay, said that many residents are office goers who land up dumping their waste during late nights. She also added that the garbage collection trucks have erratic timings. “Our waste can be managed well if garbage collection time is done at same time and regularly.”

Meanwhile, a shopkeeper in Changzamtog, Pema Wangmo, said that she faces difficulties in managing wastes. When the garbage trucks do not show up, she ends up packing the waste in sacks and the rest of the waste are dumped in corners around Changzamtog it when dry waste gets out of control and kitchen wastes decay.”

However, a official with Greener Way said that the organization has requested the Thromde Office in procuring the big bins to be deployed in their designated places.

He said it is difficult to attend to all the residents in Thimphu. He added that following the same timing everyday is not possible due to numerous reasons such as resource constraints.

“Yet Greener Way office is trying hard to provide the best services to all residents and collective responsibilities would also to help ease the waste,” he said

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