Gedu police arrested two for drug trafficking

Gedu police apprehended two men, aged 27 and 26, on 30th August at around 9 am, in connection to illegal trafficking of controlled substances. The arrests were made based on a tip-off, the police claimed.

The two suspects were travelling in a public transport bus from Phuentsholing towards Thimphu. Police said that they have seized 3,732 capsules of SP+ and the said substance were recovered from a bag which was kept in an empty seat in the bus.

There were only a few passengers on the bus, but no one came forward to confess to the seize made, police said. However, police conducted a drug test with the two suspects whereby they tested positive.

The suspects, then confessed to the crime. Police said that they are under police custody for further investigation. The suspects are from Samdrupjongkhar and Wangdue.

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